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Help! African Clawed Frogs, Please Answer!!!

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by signe, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. signe

    signe New Member

    Hello! 2 days ago I got my first african clawed frog and I hope that someone will answer some of my questions because I've been really worried about some things.:sorry:

    1. When I give her frozen krill or turtle pellets, she puts them in her mouth but then it kind of just falls out and she is not very eager to find it and put it back in her mouth.
    2. She does this thing where she is facing one of the aquarium walls and just swims from side to side looking at the reflection of itself. I'm really confused and worried and I want to understand if it's normal.
    3. I picked up, with my fingers, a krill (I bought them frozen and then i unfroze them) and placed it in front of her and then she ate it, but if I just let the krill go and don't hold them, she doesn't eat it.
    4.Can I feed it a mix of turtle food sticks and frozen food?
    5. Which kinds of frozen food are good for african clawed frogs and which ones I shouldn't feed them?
    6. Should african clawed frogs swim around actively at some point of the day or does it like to just kinda hang around one place?
    7. Is it normal if she sits in one place and then after awhile switches to another and then another and so on?
    8. I had my filter turned on and she started acting weird and rising to the surface (kinda like standing) and swimming around rapidly so I turned it off. What does that mean, was she scared or something?
    9. How big portions should I feed it?
    10. How deep should be the water? What is the minimum and the maximum?
    PLEASE answer, I've been really scared that she is not feeling very well, the last thing I want is her feeling uncomfortable.
    P.S. Some basic information:
    She is living in a 15 gallon (60 l) tank, I suppose she is not fully grown but she is at least 4 iches (10 cm) long. She lives together with a aquatic snail.
  2. Cherux02

    Cherux02 Active Member

    I'm no froggie authority but I'll respond based on past experience. I love how much you love the frog. I'm like that with Wrigley the Spanish ribbed newt.
    1. You've only had the frog 2 days so I would take it easy and forgive the frogs behavior. Also remove uneaten food and change part of the water every week. The frequency and amount depends on the amount of feeding and size of tank.
    2. They have very poor eye sight. I don't expect she can see her reflection the way you can. It's more like looking through a window anyway. They are very active and will move back and forth wondering what invisible forcefeild is stopping them. But don't project distress onto the frog, it's going about it's business. The main cause of distress would be hands in the tank or a fish bothering them or chlorinated water or another water contamination.
    3. I found they will eventually seek out and eat dropped food but again it's a very new pet, 2 days, and sounds like it gets plenty of food so it isn't hunting and hungry.
    4. I'm not a fan of turtle sticks and other manufactured food. I prefer sinking foods if it is manufactured. Try to deliver food if there is gravel she could accidentally swallow. Frozen food is great but should be thawed for feeding.
    5. Meaty things. I'd look into nightcrawlers and earthworms. Canned snails and grasshoppers could be good. And tongs to deliver them to frog.
    6. Yes active mostly and sometimes waiting still. If they look like they are trying to escape you should check the water parameters and consider a water change.
    7. Totally normal
    8. Maybe needs to adjust to the new sound or the water current but having a filter is better than none. I think they will get used to it.
    9. Size of her face a day. I'd say. 3x a week for adult. I'm not being mean, they really don't have to eat as much as you think and it will keep the water clean.
    10. At least as deep as frog is tall. 10 gallon minimum is 12 inches deep but you will be happier with larger. Your tank sounds lovely. If you feed moderately and test the nitrates occasionally, I'd say remove 50% of the water and replace with fresh declorinated water each week. If the snail can fit in her mouth, snail might have to go so it's not a swallowing hazard.
  3. FLNatureGuy

    FLNatureGuy Member

    Hi...I'm new to this forum, but have kept several African Clawed Frogs. They are great pets.

    I am also not a fan of sticks or pellets. The sticks will cause a lot of mess. I believe they should be soaked first. In the flurry of feeding they will break up and make a mess. I always fed mine cut up earthworms, live feeder guppies, and the occasional treat of whatever I was feeding my saltwater fish (shrimp, krill, squid, etc.) Not too much of the fatty saltwater stuff though. These guys are gluttons and they WILL over eat so only feed them a couple of pieces a day. I don't think they know when to stop eating on their own.

    Mine normally would associate me with food and keep a watch on the top of the tank for anything dropping in. They'll also go after your finger so don't get too startled by Yours just needs to settle in. Soon it will be eating out of your hand.

    They are fairly active, but they don't swim around constantly like fish. You will often see them just hanging out on the bottom. I would use fairly large stones for the substrate. However, that makes cleaning difficult as the stuff gets down in there. A bare bottom is better, but not very attractive. My next tank will have gravel set in foam. That is all the convenience of a bare bottom with the natural look of gravel.

    The 15 is kind of small but will do for now. I usually keep a pair in a 55. Fill it to within a couple inches of the top. Make sure to put a screen or hood on it.

    I've never had any luck keeping snails with them. They usually harass the poor thing to death. I assume it's because they think it's a piece of food.

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