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Heavy Herps

Discussion in 'General' started by Bitis Gabonica, Oct 24, 2004.


How fat are your herps?

  1. Obese - I spoil them way too much!

    2 vote(s)
  2. Just perfect!

    30 vote(s)
  3. A flea would weigh more!

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  4. No idea, but I love them anyway :-)

    15 vote(s)
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  1. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Who has the fattest herp? :D

    We have just been weighing some of our animals, to check on their growth and before winter brumation sets in. We haven't done many of the snakes yet, as they have just eaten and that would be cheating :p But here are some of our weights:

    Bearded Dragons:
    Yemaya - 19 months old, female, 19" ntl length, 509g!!
    Eostara - 19 months old, female, 18", 447g!
    Osiris - 19 months old, male, 19", 370g.
    Rocky - approx. 3-4yrs, female, 18.5", 290g (She is so much better now!) :)
    Cherry - 4 months old, female, 8", 27g
    Rose - 4 months old, female, 11", 60g!

    Lily - 9 weeks old, 11g
    Jasmine, 9 weeks old, 13g

    Piper - adult female, 12", 48g
    Leo - adult male, 12", 52g
    Baby collards - Donna's little guy is 4g!! Aww!! And the other baby is 3g! :p

    White's Tree Frogs:
    Kermit - age unknown, male, 26g
    Miss Piggy - age unknown, female, 68g!
    Bill - approx 15 months old, 52g
    Ben - approx 15 months old, 55g

    Rheia - blotched king snake, approx 1yr, 100g
    Arrow - female amel motley corn, 16 months old, 126g
    Garfield - male creamsicle corn, 16months old, 188g

    There you have it, the weights of some of our fatties :p Just a bit of fun,. how fat are your herps? :D
  2. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    I guess KJ and I will have to weigh all our babies,,,,although our new spotted turtle probably wouldn't register on any scale,,,,,,he's about the size of my thumbnail !!!!
  3. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Awww!! So sweet! :p
    I didn't think the baby collards would register, they are so tiny, but 3 and 4g is quite respectable I think! :p
  4. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    We just weighed ours yesterday: the baby BP "Monty" is 116 gr. Our BRB "Talyn" at about 2meters (almost 7ft) weighed in at 1.8 kg. She'll weigh a bit more after dinner tonight!! :D
  5. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Mine havent been weighed, :D
  6. cman

    cman Elite Member

    hes on the verge of obesse but still ok
  7. Microscope Jockey

    Microscope Jockey Elite Member

    Boyd weighs about 20 pounds and is so fat that he has marks where his lard sits when he coils up. He's about 12" in circumfrence but he's not as fat as Charley :p The BPs are probably in the 2500g range, Ginger won't hold still long enough to be weighed but I'd guess 300-500g, Rose will hiss at me if I try to weigh her, Duke is between 60 and 80g and is quite the rhino, Camille comes in at moose size around 40g I think and Carmen is a bit lighter than that due to less than optimum care before I got her. These are just guesses, except Boyd, so I may be WAY off :p

    WDBILL Well-Known Member

    I should go out and buy a scale to weigh my herps... I'd estimate these
    Water Dragons
    Char- 6 year old- maybe over 10 lbs (Shes gravid atm)
    Ike - 4 year old- Maybe 12 lbs, he eats, hes got a belly alright..
    Fang - year old - Maybe 4 lbs, she eats alot, but she gets rid of the weight fast.

    Micheal Angelo- 6 month old- maybe 11 lbs, hes almost 2 feet now so maybe higher

    Yang- 3 weeks - No idea
    Speedy- 3 weeks - No idea whatsoever

    I should learn metric eh?
  9. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    We just weighed Acacia, our youngest ball, and she came in at 106g, aww a match made in heaven, we should get our babies together! :p

    Hey Charley is big boned, not fat! :D

    Bill - your herps sure are big and heavy if they weigh that much!! :p What are you feeding them?!?? :D
  10. WDBILL

    WDBILL Well-Known Member

    Mealworms, crickets, occasional waxworms. I've tried giving them pinkies, they refuse, they love mealworms waaaaay too much. I spoil them all. As i said char is still in halfway to laying her eggs, so her regular weight is like 6 or 7 pounds.Shes huuuge now.
  11. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    don't know the weight of mine but they're growing nicely! :)
  12. Brittone05

    Brittone05 Elite Member

    I have weighed Spyro and measured his length. He came in at 12" and 120 grams. I don't know how old he is as I have not had him from hatchling but if anyone can give me a rough idea from this then please do. George has not been weighed yet although a rough guess on his length is about 3" without his tail. He has piled on some weight since we got him - he was wafer thin when he arrived and being picked on terribly by black crickets due to his former keeper adding more and more directly into his tank each day :( Will wiegh him soon tho
  13. allie&shadwell

    allie&shadwell Elite Member

    Shadwell eats and eats [and poops and poops!] and has that lovely oval uromastyx belly that makes him look like he's been sitting on the sofa watching sitcoms and downing beer and cheetos - but he's as light as a feather! Long may it last. :D
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