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Heating Questions

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by paleogeek, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. paleogeek

    paleogeek Member

    Hi everyone... again,
    Just a few questions on heating for corn snakes I have- First of all, Under Tank Heater, Heat Lamp, or Both together? And if I should use a heat lamp, what wattage would I use? Should I use a fluorescent light as well? Basically, what is the best device to use for heating for my corn snake, or should I use both the UTH and heat lamp? Ok, second question: Temperature. I have looked at every corn snake care sheet I can find and they all say something different, so what should the basking/warm side temp be and what should the cool side temp be?

    Any tips and suggestions are welcome,
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I use human type heating pads for mine. But I have also used heat lamps. The source of the heat isn't that important as long as you achieve the desired temps.
    I do not use any supplemental lighting.
    Basking spot should be 87-90 and the cool end around 75.
  3. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    Honestly corn snakes are pretty much bullet proof, so whatever works best for you is fine. The nice thing about using a lightbulb is that it promotes basking behavior, which means your snake will be more likely to be out during the day, so you will be able to observe more behavior. In terms of wattage you'd have to mess around with it and see what works best. There are really no hard fast rules, other then dont waste your money on reptile brand "basking bulbs". Hardware store low wattage halogens work great. In terms of temp anywhere from 88-95 is just fine. If you go hotter they'll spend less time basking, cooler they'll spend more

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