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Halogen VS Reg Heating Bulb

Discussion in 'Heating' started by Sandra75, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    I have a thinner glass tank 4fX18"X21"H that I will use for a baby bearded dragon.

    Do halogen heat up better and better at keeping good temps in the tank or a basking bulb is the best?

    Also do any of the ones sold at the pet shop basically same from bulbs-halogens from Home Depot?
  2. Jobiensis

    Jobiensis Elite Member

    Hi Sandra.
    I use halogens in al my vivs. They do get a lot hotter than the older type bulbs so best to have a trial run before introducing your Beardie.
    They also last longer too.
    I use the 50W & 75W ones by Arcadia and my Uros are loving the extra heat but to be honest any halogen from Home Depot will just as good and a lot cheaper.
  3. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    Thanks! I will give it a try, how big are your tanks?
  4. Jobiensis

    Jobiensis Elite Member

    The Uro vivs are 5'H x 2'w x 2'd
    Monitor vivs vary but some are 7'h x 4'w x 3'd

    Mine are made of ply so it absorbs the heat differently to glass, hence the trial run comment.

  5. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    Ahhh! So I should be able to be able to keep a good temp with a 75W? I have half lid with wood and other half with a screen.
  6. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    BTW I can use my regular ceramic dome for the halogen?
  7. Jobiensis

    Jobiensis Elite Member

    Cant say for sure but the 75W might be a little too hot for a lil beardie in a glass viv.
  8. Jobiensis

    Jobiensis Elite Member

    Yep will be fine.
  9. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    Oh really the halogen is really hotter than a reg bulb! Wow, I wish I knew that when I had my Uromastyx ... I'll try the 50W and the 75W, see what temps I will end up having. Thanks!!!
  10. Jobiensis

    Jobiensis Elite Member

    No problem, let us know how you get on.

  11. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    i will for sure !

    thanks for the useful info!
  12. tester

    tester Richs' Lackey

    They don't just burn hotter but they also burn brighter. The color index is more intense.
  13. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    That is so cool! Can't wait to experiment with a couple W and see the results.

  14. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    What type and W halogens you guys have?

    I got a Philips Halogena, flood lamp, 75W. I dont find it that it brights up as much as the bulb ... not sure why. I dont have my tank set up so I can't test the heat yet. My tank is 21" high, I couldnt find a good rock for basking so went with a soft cement block but not sure the 75W will heat it up to 110F tho.
  15. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Halogens do get hotter than incandescent. My Rudis have a 45 watt halogen that hits the mid 140s at times and the 60 watt incandescent only gets about 130 at the highest. This are both floods in my example and measured with a temp gun on the basking surface.

    Whatever bulbs you get try them out and if any don't work out just return the bulbs explaining they aren't warm enough or are too hot for your purposes.
    Or... I'd just keep them as climate change and core house temp will change and you may be able to use them at another time.
  16. Sandra75

    Sandra75 Elite Member

    Yeah, I should just get a bunch at the same time instead of buying one at a time lol. People know me at Home Depot here, kinda embarassing LOL

    I do like the Halogen best tho! I'll have 2 fluorescent so will be bright enough in the tank even if I end up having to get the little 50W halogen. But I'll keep the 75w for the winter.

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