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Gutloading Crickets with Leftover Phoenix Worms

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by DuskHwy, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. DuskHwy

    DuskHwy Active Member

    I've got some phoenix worms that my two-year-old leopard gecko refuses to eat. One night while she was in her feeding cage, she had both crickets and phoenix worms available to her. The worms, which I had injured, were cricket-magnets--crickets chose them as food over carrot, wa-fu, and those little Fluker cricket-feeder gel cubes. Since the worms had been healthy right up until I injured them, I let the crickets keep munching.

    Is it a good idea to feed insects to other insects? I thought my gecko would still get some of the phoenix worm nutrition this way. The crickets that have been allowed to eat the worms seem to have thrived--some for a week or two until my gecko snapped them up. Do you know of any health risks to the crickets (or to my gecko) that I should watch out for?

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