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Gtp Questions

Discussion in 'Green Tree Pythons' started by mercuryjwp, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. mercuryjwp

    mercuryjwp Active Member

    Just had a general lighting question about gtp lighting. Can you use regular light bulbs for heat for gtps during the daytime? Another ? I have would be one of my fb gtp babies has a couple mites. I read the GM book and it recomends provent a mite which I bought. I went to a local reptile center and they give me a liquid (dont know what they mixed up, but it killed the mites.) and im aware they will likely come back. What is the most common treatment among experienced gtp owners for mites on gtps? thanks
  2. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Mites are mites and must be treated the same on all snakes. Clean the enclosure because I bet there are more then you see. Clean everything in it.

    As to the light issue I would say it'll work for a bit but I don't even recommend using bulbs for heat period. What type enclosure is it in and how are you regulating the heat? When you say baby, how old is it and what are the current temps. Babies should be in the mid 80s only and no lower then 80 at night. Gradient heat panels is the only thing I would ever recommend though there are some other tricks but I need more info
  3. mercuryjwp

    mercuryjwp Active Member

    I seen 2 mites on one of my biaks. As soon as I seen the mites I removed him from his enclosure, totally washed and bleached the cage. Then I put new cypress mulch in the enclosure. I then sprayed the cage with the provent a mite and totally rubbed down the biak with the liquid the reptile center gave me. Its been 2 days and I got him out this morning and didnt see any mites.

    They arent babys. I dont know the correct term, maybe sub adult My 1.1 biaks are eating hopper size mice and both inbetween 1.5-2 feet. I now have 4 gtps. My female aru is in a 4x2x2 pvc with radiant heat panel so im not worried about lighting on it. My male 3 year old aru is around 4 foot and is in a exo-terra 18.18x24 with a screen top and a 75 watt zilla heat bulb with the thermostat set on 86 on the top perch on the basking spot. One of my biaks is in I believe a 12x12x12 exo. I keep a 25 watt zilla heat bulb and the top perch stays around 84 degrees. I turn the light off at night and my house stays at 78 degrees. My other biak is in a 18x18x24 exo terra. I have a undertank zoo med 16 watt heat pad under. I dont have perches built on this cage yet just fake plants that stick on. I have a 100 watt heat bulb that I turn on when im at home because I turn the air up. I keep the probe where it stays and it stays around 82-86 at all times. All of them are very healthy. I was just wondering if a common house light bulb for heat is just as good as a $8 basking light from pet store. I know im gonna be having to buy alot more bulbs during the fall and winter season. If you have any other suggestions that would be great to. thanks

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