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Green Tree Frog Found in Grocery Store

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by FrogMan, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. FrogMan

    FrogMan Active Member

    Hi everyone. As with the title, last summer I was working at a Superstore that brought in large plants from Florida.
    Normally they are very carefully screened but some how that time a baby green tree frog slipped through inspections.

    The produce manager found him hopping along the floor, thankfully no one stepped on him.
    Knowing I loved frogs he kept it in a salad container with wet lettuce leaves till I got there.

    I've been keeping him ever since and I know its a male because he croaks during some points of the year.
    I would like to get him a buddy, (another green tree frog) from the pet store but my room mate thinks its
    not safe because he's wild and he might pass something on to them.

    So I thought I'd check with people here and see if its a good idea.

    Right now he's in a 10 gallon aquarium with coconut substrate, plenty of artificial plants ect and eating crickets.
    I want to put him in a terrarium soon.
  2. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    The ones you find in the pet store are more then likely also wild caught. I would recomend quarantining the new frog for about a month before housing them together. Just incase it does have some sort of illness.
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    What you should do is focus on getting a terrarium (something big enough for the group) then put your current frog in it. Once that is done use the ten gallon tank to quarantine your new frog for a month before introducing them!

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