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Green Tree Frog Enclosure Size?

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by Dkluna6, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Dkluna6

    Dkluna6 Member

    Hi, my little sister is wanting to get the zoo med tree frog kit and put 2 green trees in there. It is the 12x12x18 and I think it is too smale for two adults. She on the other hand says that she read a caresheet that said that 2 adults can live in a 10 gallon. I have read that 10 for 1 is okay but you should have an extra 5 gallons for every extra frog you have. So If anybody has experiance with these frogs then please help.
  2. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    2 will do fine in both of those cages.
  3. Dkluna6

    Dkluna6 Member

    Ok thank you very much.

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