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Got new boa - have question

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by scottnsteph, Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    I have a oketee corn and just added a boa to my collection!!! I got him Friday night. It's a rainbow/common boa mix. He's been "soaking" in his water bowl the entire day. Is that common? I wasn't sure if there was something wrong or if he was lacking something and that's why he's been "swimming" all day. Thank you!
  2. jacky

    jacky Moderated Status

    It could be that he's either in shed or he's got mites.I would check him over for any parasites.
    Rainbows need a higher humidity;is yours as recommended by the care sheet?
    How old is he?Any pics?
    Here's a caresheet
  3. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    Thank you Jackie! my Boa (Ty) is 2 months old. We just got him this past friday. i don't have any pictures yet but i will be getting some very soon. He is still in there at this very moment. i was getting very scared. i appreciate your information. i am looking into getting a Milk Snake, a Ball Python, and a Green Tree Python!!

    Wish list: Striped Ghost corn snake, Albino Okeetee corn snake, California King snake, Lavender corn snake, Burmese Python, Bloodred corn snake, Candycane corn snake, and a Sunglow corn snake!!!
    we will be getting these "eventually"!!
  4. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    He may also be hot. If your temperatures aren't adequate, the water will help him cool and thermoregulate. If you don't see any speckles moving on the surface of the water, or his head, he doesn't have mites. The water would force them to retreat to "high" ground, and some would "float" in the water.
    Shedding is also a likely possibility.

    Check the water for mites (and any exposed "body") and check the temps as well.
  5. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    Thank you Rich! I will check tonight! He is "still" in there. i went down to look at him at 7:30 and i didn't see any mites but i will definately check again! Thank you so much your information is going to help alot! When i get pictures i will post them! He is so cute. My children love him. My duaghter was afraid of snakes yesterday and now (today) she wants a thousand! She was holding our Okeetee Corn snake and she said she wants alot more. therefore this information will go to great use in this house!

    Thanks again!
  6. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Do you have a hide box for him?? He could be retreating to the water to "hide"...after he settles, he probably will come out and move around more...I hadthat happen with My BIG Boa...and he is like 7ish ft long and really big....he hid in his water dish until he decided that the many pairs of eyes were not going to EAT him LOL....good luck ...and bring on the pics !!! Lyn
  7. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Congratulations on the new baby.
    I wasn't aware that you could inter-breed Rainbows and common boas, as they are completely different species of boa. (?!) It sounds like a cool mix, but I really thought that it was impossible to cross different species. (I might be wrong here.) Post pics soon... sounds like a really cool snake!!
    Some snakes like to soak more than others. Check the temps/humidity and make sure you have plenty of other dark hiding places for him. When I put my rainbow boa in a bath, and then come by to check on her, she goes under and holds her breath -- she thinks I can't see her anymore!
    As some others have said, he could be going into shed, he could have mites, or some snakes like to soak right after eating.
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hmmmm, you have any pics? Who told you it was a hybrid? This would be very unusual.
  9. Joe

    Joe Elite Member

    I am with Andrea and Merlin, as far as I'm aware no one has crossed Epicates (any sub spiecies) with Boa (any sub spiecies), and if they had it would be big news and the animals would fetch silly prices, have you got a picture of the animal?
  10. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    Thank you all for the information. There are no mites and he does have plenty of hiding places. I even kept the little container that we brought him home in and he retreated to that place last night. A lot of the other babies that I had a choice of were in a shed so I'm assuming that's what's going on with Ty. My temperatures are 88-90F warm end and 80-82F cool end. Are they okay?

    As far as the cross breeding... I don't know much about such things. I got Ty from someone I know at my Church who breeds snakes. When he told me that he had boas I asked what kind and his exact words were "Part Columbian and Rainbow." As I said, I don't know anything about breeding so I didn't know that was impossible. I will definitely ask him more about it. Ty is two months old and he has the markings of a Rainbow Boa but not the coloring, but maybe the coloring comes as he gets older???

    I tried to post a pic but it said the file was too large. I'll work on figuring that out and post pic soon! Thanks again :)
  11. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

  12. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    You've got yourself a beautiful Rainbow Boa (definitely no mix with another boa species) :) -- It could be a Brazilian or Columbian (most common types) or any of a number of subspecies: Check out this link and compare your little guy to some of the pics of the different species here:
    Also many of the subspecies of boa are sometimes inter-bred so it could be a mix between Rainbow boa types, but definitely Epicrates cenchria ... The only way to know for sure would be to see pics of the parents. (Even then it's not so easy. The guy at the link above identified my Rainbow as a "Marajo Island" type, but said it is difficult to be 100% sure. )
    Juvenile Brazilians and Peruvians are often lighter and less colorful but develop the brighter orange "Lamar" phase later. Columbians and Argentinians often have more brown tones, but equally beautiful patterns.
    Looking at the pics and the markings just behind the head, yours looks very similar to one of the Marajo Island babies photographed on the website above... :)

    Don't worry about soaking: some rainbows love to soak and they are more resistant to blister disease. Check the things mentioned above, though: temps, check the water bowl for black specks that might be mites, and make sure you have lots of hiding places for the little one.

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!
  13. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    Thank you so much, BlackJack! I appreciate the information. I checked out that website and it is very helpful. I agree, the markings on the head look like a Marajo Island type. I will talk more to the Breeder, too. He has the mother of the babies. Some of the babies had more red tones and one was really light that he was keeping. I chose this one with more brown tones. Something about him just stood out!!! He's a beatiful little thing!!!
  14. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Woah i was a bit worried when i read your first post.. a rainbow x common boa?! I think not! :D

    What you have there is a Columbian Rainbow Boa. Definitely not a Brazilian, and nor a Marajo Island.. could be an Argentian, but unlikely. Looks to me like your average Columbian.. i think maybe you got the names confused to make your first cross :p

    S/he is very beautiful, a real sweetie. Couple of things - the soaking could be due to being in shed, having mites or parasites, or the humidity could be too low. For young rainbow boas you want 70% humidity, a little less for adults.

    I don't mean to be a boring person, but i really feel i should stress that you should do your research BEFORE buying any animal. You didn't even know what species of boa this was, let alone how to look after it, and i don't want to offend you, but how can this animal be properly cared for without the right information.? How do you have it set up? Search on google or ask here and please find out as much info as you can so you can care for this snake.

    Also, i would suggest you avoid the GTP on your wishlist for now, until you have a bit more experience,. they are not snakes that are as easily cared for or handled as others like corns.
  15. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    I think the "mix" was probably a cross of a Brazilian with a Columbian Rainbow boa (two of the most common types), but at such a young age a lot of them are brownish and some don't develop the deep oranges until later, as you can see on the pics in the website I referred you to.. the babies of several subspecies look very much alike.
    Ask the breeder for pics of the parents.

    Either way, you have a beautiful animal and I'm sure you'll do great with him! :)
  16. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    Thank you for the advice Bitis. Just to make you aware, my 14 year old daughter posted the first few postings because she was concerned that Ty was staying in the water. I told her it was okay, but she wanted to hear it from other people from this forum. I DID research all about common boas AND rainbow boas BEFORE getting this snake. I would NEVER get an animal that I knew nothing about. I have the humidity and temperature right. And his setup is adequate. He's in a 20L with plenty of hides, and climbing areas. Thank you again for the advice and I appreciate your concern!
  17. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Sorry Steph, i hope you didn't find my post rude, just concerned that people need to have the proper info.. i found it quite worrying that you thought this could be a common boa x rainbow.

    In any case if you need any advice please ask, although we only keep Brazilians, but the care is similar, and the link Andrea gave you is excellent.
  18. scottnsteph

    scottnsteph Donating Member

    No problem, Bitis. I knew it was a rainbow but didn't know exactly what kind. My daughter was the one confused! Thanks again for the concern and advice!
  19. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    :) very pretty.
  20. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    In all fairness you were only going by what the breeder told you. A novice keeper wouldn't know to question that statement.
    Perhaps there was a misinterpretation?
    Maybe what he meant was that his collection was part Columbians and part Rainbows, referring to the individual snakes.
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