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Got a Call Yesterday...

Discussion in 'Blood Pythons' started by prismwolf, May 26, 2008.

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  1. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    ...on this supposed male.


    He was sexed by the previous owner of the person I got him from. She thinks he's got a URI and calcium deposits he's pooping out...actually...that she was using an enema for! It didn't take long to realize its probably dried urates from a dehydrated snake. He didn't have a water bowl to soak in or drink from regularly. I'm hoping with one now that what's in there (and I can feel the hardened urates) that he will be able to soften this up on his own. I aimed him at his new hide, but when I went back to check on him...his water is where I found him...and he's been in it for 3 hours already.

    I haven't heard any labored breathing, but she said he blew bubbles a couple days ago and she had seen him "hawk a lugy"... :p. Maybe this is a simple dehydration issue, too. I haven't heard anything that sounds like a URI...and hopefully I won't. She can't afford the vet bills for him right now. He eats well and she sent me with the last live feeders, too. Tempting to raise a few litters, but DANG I don't want to clean rat cages!

    Tomorrow I'll be sealing off the top of the screen to help keep the humidity up.

    He's extremely well-tempered, curious, active, and not head-shy in the least. I don't know if he was WC or CB, but from everything I've been reading I'm leaning towards CB for temperaments sake alone.

    He's in blue so I can't wait to see what he looks like underneath that old skin! The owner said he hasn't had a one-piece shed since she's had him...another sign of a lack of moisture...this time humidity. Maybe this time he's have a full one. I hope... ;D
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Possibly regurg?
    Since it sounds like, from your description of things, that she didn't have the faintest idea what she was doing!
  3. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    All your post didn't show up before I replied I've edited a bit.

    It didn't really sound much like regurg...he eats large rats (at least - that's the impression I got - now that I think about it the largest she said was juvie rats) and this was something smaller and phlemmy sounding.
  4. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    Got him out for a warm bath soak and he freaked in the tub. I'm thinking he's never been in a tub before. He even came up with mouth opened the first time. He still wouldn't settle after the 4th and 5th time, but at least he wasn't gaping. He's very comfortable being held...almost seems like he feels secure I stayed holding him in the water and that didn't work either.

    I can hear the raspy breathing in him. Last night I didn't hear it, but he was relatively calm. The activity of wanting out of the tub got him breathing hard.

    I've heard bloods have pretty big teeth as pythons go. I sure don't want to test that theory on my tender bath session ended at attempt #5. I'll try for a vet appt. tomorrow.
  5. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Best of luck, seems like you have a handle on the situation. He is pretty.
  6. fire2225ems

    fire2225ems Subscribed User Premium Member

    Good luck!
  7. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    I am SO stoked!! Of course - today was vet visit day. I took all the money I had banked from the rescue - a measely $150 and only because I've used our personal funds for many purchases - expecting it to cost that for the snake AND the girl rabbit named Clover who happens to now be a boy rabbit named Hunk... ::). An exam on both, 6 hypos filled with Baytril for snakey won't believe it...$10.40.

    She is fantastic! She showed me how to give the injection and we talked for ever. She couldn't help but to show the snake off. She's not hugely knowledgeable on snake care. She had to look everything up on the Internet for exact treatment and how best to give the meds...but she's very willing to give it a try and I'm very willing to give her the opportunity. She was excited - I was excited - half the staff was terrified... ;D

    I told her what I thought of the dried urates...which is just what I called it. We're going to go with waiting it out first and see what happens. If not after this shed...then maybe after a good feeding. I wonder if he'll eat a rat that's been dipped in water? Might be worth trying just to get some fluids into him. I can always dry it off with the blow drier again.

    He weigh all of 3lbs. 10 oz. Seems to be on the light side to me...and he is really tenting right now and a lot of loose skin.
  8. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    He really must have been hungry. I was hoping the stretch this guy had to go through to get the rat down would separate his shed some...but no deal. He looks no readier to shed in that picture than when I picked him up 6 days before.

  9. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Interesting. Normally the snakes won't eat when they are in the "blue" phase of shedding. He'll clear up to almost a normal coloring and then shed a few days later. Be patient, it can take a while!! Keep him misted but otherwise try not to disturb him too much -- well, except for the meds if it can't wait till the shed. (Since you have to handle him so much now and since he has eaten, I wouldn't expect a really good shed this time.)
    Good deal with the vet, Veronica! Sounds like she's willing to learn what she needs to know.
    Keep us posted. :)
  10. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    I wouldn't have tried to feed him already if I didn't already have another snake who was ready for his next meal, too. The boa would have taken up the slack. As it is I have one thawing for him today...:-D. Needless to say I was so very relieved the blood took it. I felt like a little Italian grandmother (although I'm not little - and not a smidgeon of Italian) saying "Eata your food Luigi so you canna grow nice anda big!" :D
  11. Ipanda

    Ipanda Elite Member

    He sure has some pretty markings... youll have to post some pics when hes recovered...
  12. prismwolf

    prismwolf Well Established Member

    Sooo...I gave him my first attempt at an injection today. It went pretty smooth...and very glad his head was in the cinch bag. He was not real happy and that way he didn't associate me with the stabbing sensation in his back... :eek:.

    While I was holding onto him pretty firmly his skin started breaking off for his shed. So after calming down again we went all the way to the neck where it just isn't ready to come off his head and about 5" of neck will have to wait awhile yet. I think it would have come off in one piece if I hadn't have interfered.

    He's definitely still wheezing. You can see him breathing kind of hard, but when he was sucking air while I had him in the bag for the injection he rattled pretty badly. Poor guy.
  13. barnkat

    barnkat Elite Member

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things for him. He's pretty. I am glad you found a vet willing to give it a try and do the necessary research. He's lucky to have you.
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