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Girlfriend Needs to Rehome Her Bearded Dragon in Michigan

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by thecw, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. thecw

    thecw Well-Known Member

    My girlfriend is moving across the country to live with me. Unfortunately, we cannot keep her Bearded Dragon anymore. The economy in our area of Michigan is terrible and we've found better work on the west coast. We're trying to find a good home for the animal--not just anyone--and have found a terrible time of finding responsible individuals.

    The ad is here: Bearded dragon and tank

    I'm posting here because I'm not sure where else to look. None of our friends can take it. The rehoming fee she lists is, of course, ideal, but we're moreso interested in a good home than anything else. Moving *is* pricey and the enclosure and supplies are worth far more than that(obviously). For now, however, this is me poking around here to see if someone is either interested or has any idea how we could find someone for the animal. You can either respond here or respond to her ad.
  2. Leanea

    Leanea Well-Known Member

    The link is broken.

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