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Giant Millipede Help

Discussion in 'Invertebrates General' started by Harper, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Harper

    Harper New Member


    I have 2 giant millipedes that are young, one is half the size of my finger and the other is about as long as a finger nail!

    The larger is a African red legged millipede, the small one is a black headed red fire millipede - I also have 1 hissing cockroach called penny living with them!

    I have them in a terrarium that has small vent slits at the top and sides.

    I've put a heat mat on the back to the left - is that right? Or should it be underneath?

    If it is ok being on the back side should I cover some of the lid / slits to keep the heat in?

    They are kept in my spare room with some other pets but the room does tend to stay a bit on the cool side so I do believe heat is needed - at least through the colder months (I'm in the uk).

    Any millipede help would be fab as I love keeping them but I am new to it and just want to get it right!


    Sam X image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. billrogers

    billrogers Established Member

    Depending on the humidity in the tank, it might be a good idea to cover part of the top.

    As for the heating pad, for inverts it's always best to put it on the side to provide a heat gradient for them to choose from. Inverts rely on instincts, and for burrowing species their instinct to escape heat is often to burrow down. If the heat pad is on the bottom, they can bake themselves.

    Nice looking millipedes!
  3. Harper

    Harper New Member

    Ah fantastic - thank you! :)

    There's so much conflicting advice on the net so it's great to have it confirmed!

    I'll cover half the lid tomorrow - will tin foil or cling film be ok? Or I think I have bubble wrap?

    Thanks again !
  4. billrogers

    billrogers Established Member

    Tin foil and cling wrap work just fine.

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