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Getting New BPs!

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by alpine, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    So at the end of the week (I hope) I am getting a pair of 100% het pied ball pythons. Male and female (future breeding pair). The male is a 2011 or very early 2012 and the female is a young 2012. I am very excited and I still like to name my animals. So I want to get a few good ideas on matching names for them. The male in particular has a very interesting pattern and the little girl is absolutely adorable. In either case, I want some good names! All are welcome!

    And before I get the question, they will NOT be kept in the same enclosure :3 their set ups are already made, and they will not have to associate with each other at all (just thought I would point it out before I got the question, nothing against you guys, but everyone seems to want to verify)
  2. cctbspencer

    cctbspencer Elite Member

    Congratulations! Please post pics after they have settled in for a while.

    I apologize, but I have never been very good at naming animals. The wife does that. I tend to like mythological god/goddess names for pairs; Ares/Artemis, etc.
  3. PMC

    PMC Well-Known Member

    Gotta post a pic or two of them to get good suggestions on names... ;)
  4. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    I was thinking Andromeda and Perseus :). I was going to get only a female normal and name her Andromeda so I think that I will just match her name with the new male.
  5. cctbspencer

    cctbspencer Elite Member

    Excellent choices! I have Zeus, Athena, Atlas, and Zephyr. :D
  6. cctbspencer

    cctbspencer Elite Member

    Edit: Atlas and Athena are a couple. Zeus and Zephyr are individuals. OOPS
  7. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    Haha well I like the idea of Perseus and Andromeda but I am still open to suggestions :) As soon as I get them I will get some pictures up though, that's for sure.

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