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Getting My Husband A Creepy Crawler For Christmas

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by snakemomGLHS, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. snakemomGLHS

    snakemomGLHS Active Member

    My husband and son have been begging for a tarantula for years now. We have snakes, lizards, tree frogs, etc. So exotics aren't anything new to us. But I'm terrified of spiders. So I've been doing research and I think I'm finally ready to give in. We live in southern middle Tennessee so my closest large cities are Huntsville, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Atlanta is a far drive but if they had what he wants I might venture out. Where to go? Or can they be ordered in the mail? And what kind of enclosure is best? He wants a Cobalt Blue one, but after doing research I think they may be out of my price range ($100). What are some other colorful ones that get large-ish? He is color blind so pink toes are out as they just look brown to him. Also will it be okay to display this with our frogs in the living room? Or do they need more privacy? (After the adjustment period) and how long do they typically live? Thank you!
  2. snakemomGLHS

    snakemomGLHS Active Member

    Would a Brazilian Salmon be good? I keep coming across them online. It will be raised around kids, but only my 9year old son would handle it as the girls are terrified as well lol he's big into insects, herps, etc.
  3. Lori68

    Lori68 Established Member

    I'm really, really new to keeping tarantulas so I can't give you much other than a thumbs up on deciding on getting one, so I won't be able to give an educated answer on most of your questions. I don't think arachnids are a great choice in pets that can be handled to be honest...just to mention that warning. They can kick hairs if annoyed and these hairs will be horribly itchy and worse is if those hairs get in your eyes...I've heard that can be painful. Not to mention the aspect of handling something venomous, so there is even more reason to not handle them. They are thought of as more display animals than reptiles can be, so keep that in mind. I have a Grammostola porteri, a Davus pentoralis, a Hapalopus columbia klein and a Kukulcania hibernalis (this one is a true spider rather than a tarantula and this one is by far my favorite out of all)

    Just google for tarantula sellers in Tennessee, hopefully after some searching, you'll find a few that can ship. Or even a local one where you can do pick up. Most reptile expos usually have an arachnid seller there as well so keep an eye out for any upcoming expos near you.
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  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Post some pictures when you do get one. These, and most bugs of any type, are on my wife's reasonably short "NO" list. Which is fine by me since I've never really had much interest in them anyway. She does let me breed dubias and hissers to feed my brood, but that originally took a lot of convincing. Lately I have been wanting to get a praying mantis, mostly because I keep seeing them locally and I've always thought they were neat. When I asked her if I could catch a local one and keep it I was informed that she would be sleeping in the camper after that if I did. Probably going to pass on that idea for a while, lol.
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  5. snakemomGLHS

    snakemomGLHS Active Member

    I will. I'm very anxious lol but he puts up with my snakes so I can make a sacrifice. As long as I never, ever have to touch it. Lol
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  6. snakemomGLHS

    snakemomGLHS Active Member

    Thank you for your honest answer. He doesn't plan for it to be like a dog or even like the snakes, but he would like to occasionally touch it. He is a man after all lol I've been looking for non venemous one's for that reason.
  7. Lori68

    Lori68 Established Member

    I'm pretty sure all arachnids are venomous, its just to what extent and how they affect people is the question. Some will only cause a bit of pain at the site of the bite (if that happens), others would be more painful and cause infection/damage...again, I'm new to keeping T's so don't take my word for it but do more research on am I. I took a friends word for it that rose hairs are a great beginner species and yet many experienced keepers I've seen online say different and I'd more agree with the people who say they aren't great for newbies...mine is flighty. I have no plans on handling mine and never got into them for that reason. I just wanted to keep some T's because I always loved spiders and they don't take up much room.

    Much like reptiles, T's can show some individual personalities within species to some extent. One species in particular might be known as flighty and defensive that won't tolerate anything, and then have someone who keeps one to say "mine is very calm and never seems to be bothered by anything" so it will be a gamble on getting one that will be exactly what your husbands expectations are with keeping one.
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