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Getting My First Rainbow Boa!!!!

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by 09msstang, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. 09msstang

    09msstang Elite Member

    So tomorrow im getting my first brazilian rainbow boa any personal do's and dont's?
  2. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Congratulations! :)
    They are my favorite of the boas. Some juveniles can be kind of nippy, if that worries you, get a snake hook and train with that early on.
    They have a surprisingly strong grip/coil -- don't get into the habit of putting them around your neck unless you are already sitting on the floor! (This is NOT a joke!) My hand would go numb just having mine hold onto my arm.
    They need good humidity to shed well, but otherwise are great snakes to keep. They eat well and ravenously and I was able to switch the 2 adults I had immediately to F/T (they had been fed live before I got them). If it is warm and smells like mouse or rat, they will take it -- remember that and wash your hands before you reach into the enclosure.
    They are stronger than you think, so make sure the enclosure is escape-proof!
    They are great climbers (night active) so you should have some strong branches for them to exercise on. Mine loved the staircase, but if you do something like that: make sure you have time: There was no way on earth I could force her to let go if she didn't want to (granted, she was HUGE) but I had to wait till she climbed down on her own... sometimes hours later.
    Good luck unknotting THAT!:

    Enjoy! AND POST LOTS OF PICS (I miss my girl so much sometimes!!)

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  3. 09msstang

    09msstang Elite Member

    OH WOW!!!!! she was gorgeous!!!! Yea im getting a baby its a female an shes only about a foot long and as thick as a sharpie shes small still :) im really really excited how long do you think it will take for my baby to get big?? An what happened to yours if you dont mind me asking?
  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Brazilian are gorgeous snakes, good luck and don't forget photos.
  5. 09msstang

    09msstang Elite Member

    Ill be taking a ton of photos :) im so excited!!!!!
  6. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Blackjack, those pictures are making me want one lol. She is an absolute beauty! Hmm, reptile show in a week.... Hmmmmm........
  7. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    My girl was actually a Marajo Island Rainbow Boa (thus her unusually HUGE size -- and not so pretty circle patterns -- almost no yellow)
    I bought her as an adult (about 4 years old) so I have no idea how quickly they grow or how big a "normal" Brazilian rainbow will get. Females are good eaters, though, and will generally get bigger than males.
    If you look back to the first posts in the Rainbow Boa section, you can see all sorts of posts about her, my other "rescued" female and even the beautiful male got for her but gave back when she died.
    Long story short: she swelled up, stopped eating, we had her X-rayed and she was full of eggs. I thought perhaps the snake she was with kept before I got her was a male and perhaps some of the eggs might be fertile. I even took a chance and put her with a friend's male for a while... in the hopes that something might happen. When her due date came and went it appeared that she had re-absorbed the eggs. But some ended up rotting inside of her and eventually causing her death. (There's even a snake necropsy article on HC that shows how bad it all was.)
    She seemed fine and let me handle her as usual the night before... but then she was gone. SO sad. I miss her, she was a beauty.
  8. 09msstang

    09msstang Elite Member

    Awwww poor girl :( that makes me not want to breed my baby when shes old enough shes bigger than the guy said shes about as long as my ball an the thickest part of her is about as thick as a sharpie but supposedly shes eatting fuzzies once a week so i dunno i bought the habitat she was in but it doesnt have nearly what she needs i bought some new bowls an a coconut hide out an put moss in it but i cant fit much else since the tank is so small :( im probably just going to buy a new one and just use the small one if i travel anytime soon
  9. 09msstang

    09msstang Elite Member

    got my baby :)
    heres her little boa condo :p

    what does everyone think :)
  10. 09msstang

    09msstang Elite Member

    i put moss around her soak/water bowl which i made by hand for her theres the repti bark bedding in there then moss in the corner and half a coconut shell with moss in it for a hiding spot and fake vines to roam around in i might go get a branch from the tree outside my door for her to climb around on its kinda a small tank but it will have to do till friday she has a heat pad under the water/soak bowl to keep the water decently warm and it goes to the other side of the bowl where some of the repti bark is i want to get her a bigger tank so i can put another hide out in there for her on the heat pad and a big climbing branch too does anyone know how often im suppose to change the moss??

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