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Getting More Snakes, Ideas?

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by debitumnaturae, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. I currently have a ball python and would like to move up the scale so to speak. I volunteer at a reptile store doing animal care and handling far more exotic snakes and will be helping out there for the next 7 months (only saying this so you can understand my experience level). I wouldnt say I'm an expert by no means but I am around other species of snake beyond the everyday ball python.

    I'm thinking of expanding my collection and maybe purchasing a snake rack. What snakes do well in snake racks in your opinion? What are some snakes that aren't too difficult to take care of but a step up from a ball python? I'd also prefer them to have a good temperament.

    I was considering a Red Tail Boa (yes I am aware of their adult size and their lifespan). How long could a red tail stay in a snake rack (assuming the snake rack was built to the specifications to comfortably house adult ball pythons) before they'd need to be moved to a larger enclosure? Any tips, warnings or comments about this choice of snake?

    Sorry for the length! Thank you in advance for answering :)

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