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General Python Guestion

Discussion in 'Pythons *General*' started by viciouspest, May 30, 2011.

  1. viciouspest

    viciouspest Member

    lol I just got a 5 foot male woma and he struck me after being in the new cage all night witch was 10 degrees warmer than what he was used to. other than that time he is awsome and very handable. witch brings me to this guestion . should you pull away from a biteing snake or let him do it and sowly get him off not to stress him out , and by doing it slow does it show the snake your not scared and he cant hurt you so he doesnt bite as much does that work with snakes or not ,
    and i might being selling this woma for $180
  2. stormdas

    stormdas Well-Known Member

    Hate to tell you but snakes bite lol. I believe they have 3 different biting responses. 1) feeding 2) defensive and 3) aggressive. Some snakes are just nippy and need to be worked out of it. Of course younger snakes are easier to work this out of cause they don't leave mark such as older ones. Since you just got this one I would let it get situated with thier new home for a few days and slowly work with him by getting him out of his cage for a few minutes a day. Use a hook and gently place him in your hand. If he strikes at you, or hisses don't put him back right away. Just wait till he calms down and put him back. I used this method with my carpet when I first got him and he no longer strikes at me. Good luck.
  3. viciouspest

    viciouspest Member

    COOL, THANX was wondering cause when he bit me it wasnt a strike he was calm and i didnt move when he did it and he just let go and slithered up my arm i thot it was weird cause it was all so calm,...

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