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Gecko Isn't Eating

Discussion in 'African Fat-tailed Geckos' started by Azee, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Azee

    Azee Member

    hello. I have an aft, I am unsure if it is male or female. He is 7 or 8 years old now and he usually eats like crazy. He would eat 12 crickets easy if I would let him. I feed him every other day and he eats around 7-8 crickets each time. I recently moved and he ate the first day in the new place. But since then he has eaten one cricket all week. He has shed and pooped since the move in so I am unsure what is wrong. He is normal in colour and doesn't fidget or anything when I handle him. Any ideas? It's been 6 days since he's had a full feeding.
  2. Matthieu Adams

    Matthieu Adams New Member

    Has your temperature changed? Perhaps your gecko is dealing with the stress of moving still.

    It's also possible that his taste in food has changed. I've noticed that occasionally they will decide not to eat a particular food and will pine for something else.
  3. Jacob Eddy

    Jacob Eddy Active Member

    have you tried feeding him mealworms, how big is he. try giving him a multivitamin and calcium supplement. has he or she shed recently. trying doing those things and tell me if he gets any better. good luck
  4. Azee

    Azee Member

    He used to love eating mealworms but doesn't really go crazy about them anymore. I do dust the crickets in calcium and multivitamins. He's probably like 3-4 inches long. And yes he shed on Thursday.
  5. Azee

    Azee Member

    His temperature is the same except at now I have to have his lights on for heat because it's fall here and it's colder. In the summer I usually don't use lights at all because the temperature regulate itself.
  6. Taterbunny

    Taterbunny Active Member

    Just be sure you have a way to measure ground temps (thermostat with a probe or heat gun). The lamp may still be too hot with the pad, just make sure temps are accurate. ^^
    It still may be stressed from the move.
    Another reason, it may be a female beginning ovulation. AFTs tend to ovulate in autumn and some will put off food for a good while. Just keep offering food. If it goes for a long time, say around a month (2 months tops), try getting a liquid diet for a little while. Just monitor the weight for a while.

    If you attach a pic of the underbelly (specifically the thighs/groin) we could tell you the sex. ^^
  7. Azee

    Azee Member

    These were in the poop corner this morning. Upon further inspection they're paper towel that I have his tank lined with. I have no idea when he would have eaten that much or even how. I fed him on Monday and that was normal and he didn't get any caught in his mouth or anything. So I'm unsure how or why he ate that. Maybe he threw it up but I know the problem now. With that out I tried offering him a cricket today and no luck so I'm pretty worried about him.

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  8. Taterbunny

    Taterbunny Active Member

    Oh wow, I've never seen them ingest paper towels before. o:
    Try hand-feeding in a different area, like a shoebox or plastic tub. That way you can monitor how it's eating and (hopefully) won't eat anymore paper towels. Though, keep an eye on the towels when you change them out, make sure he isn't nibbling on them even when it's not feeding time.
  9. Azee

    Azee Member

    He won't eat in a different area though I've tried that before. I don't get understand though he's never ever done t before. And he must have done it on his own sometime between being fed on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. I've been giving him warm baths to maybe help if there's anything left in him.

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