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Future First Crestie Setup

Discussion in 'Geckos - Other' started by KatyaCrestie107, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. KatyaCrestie107

    KatyaCrestie107 New Member

    Hi, I'm Katya, I'm new to this site and to the reptile world in general, and I'm planning on getting a crested gecko, which will be my first reptile, hopefully towards the end of this year, definitely don't want to jump into anything, I want to be 100 percent sure I'm ready, hence my presence on this forum. So, I have researched a lot about cresties since I fell in love with them at my first exotic pet expo earlier this year and I'm pretty sure I have the basics down, and I have a fairly clear picture of what I want to do for my gecko's setup, so the point of this is, and yes there is a point I'm not just rambling, I am planning to get a baby crestie and I just want to be sure I have the right idea for a temporary baby setup for him. Or her, I already know what I'm naming it and it's kind of a more boy ish name, so. xD Anyway, until its big enough for the 12" by 12" by 18" setup I have in mind for its permanent home, I plan to keep it in a medium sized critter keeper, and I figured I'd just use paper towels and a few small decorations, and obviously a food dish, does that sound ok for a temporary baby home? Also should I give my baby crestie a shallow water dish, and will it need to be misted twice a day like an adult? Also I plan to feed him Repashy, I know it's a complete gecko diet but is that for babies and adults? Like, will he need anything else while he's little? Sorry for the long post and billion questions, I'm just new and full of excitement and nervousness about getting a gecko, because I love them so much and I really want one, I guess I'm just scared of screwing something up. So anyway yeah, if anyone bothered to read to the end, thank you and I'm sorry again for the word vomit. xD
  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Hi, and congratulations on the new pet. While that does sound fine for a temporary baby home, I would just skip it and put it directly in the larger enclosure. Just add some extra plants and such for cover and it should do fine. And yes you can use the diet for its entire life. Some add appropriately sized crickets to help speed the growth, but I haven't found it necessary. I will say that a 12x12x18" cage is going to be on the small side for an adult, I normally recommend an 18x18x24 for a single adult.

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