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FTGH: Amel corn snake and hypo tangerine leopard gecko with minor disabilities.

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by WingedWolf, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. WingedWolf

    WingedWolf Elite Member

    I have a 2004 unsexed amelanistic corn snake, and a 2004 male hypo tangerine leopard gecko in need of good homes. The snake hatched out blind in one eye, and cannot be kept with other snakes, as he has proven to be a cannibal. His temperment is good for his age, and he eats f/t mice without issue.

    The gecko is likewise reasonably well tempered for his age, and has lovely colors. He hatched with a neurological problem that makes it difficult for him to properly use one side of his body, but he can walk and eats normally (he stumbles a bit). Eating zophobas, mealworms, and feeder roaches--crickets would surely be relished as well, though he will have trouble catching fast-moving insects, so they should be crippled for him.

    Both animals would make good educational animals or lovely pets, but should not be used in breeding programs. They are free to anyone who can provide a good home, and come to pick them up in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  2. wheat_thin636

    wheat_thin636 New Member


    Hi, I know you probably won't ship, but I live in Missouri and am interested in the leopard gecko. If nobody replies to your post and you are willing to ship, please contact me at, or call at (573)449-1614 (which is better since I never check my e-mail). THanks.
  3. ValerieT80

    ValerieT80 New Member

    the Corn Snake

    Do you still have the corn snake? I would love to adopt it!
  4. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Please note that this post was in March-2005 ! just a FYI Lyn
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