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Frozen Rats Have A Strong Chemical\ammonia Smell, Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by MentalMilkSNakes, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. MentalMilkSNakes

    MentalMilkSNakes Active Member

    I've bought them before and they didn't smell nearly this bad. Are these safe to feed my snake? Seems like they froze them while they were soaked in their own urine.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    In 20 years of feeding frozen rodents I have never had any that smelled like ammonia. I would contact your supplier.
    I wouldn't use them.
  3. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    I second Merlin, give the supplier a call and let them know whats going on.
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    If it was just the urine smell I'd say rinse off and give it a shot, but don't be surprised if you get a refusal. But with the ammonia smell too I'd have to agree with what was already posted, ditch them and call the supplier.
  5. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Once in a while I get one that smells like urine but it's only detectable if i hold my nose inches away and actually sniff at it.

    If it's as strong as you say it is than there is a problem.
  6. scoot

    scoot Active Member

    It seems like something that would happen if they didn't finish cleaning the mouse or something. Do they do that? (I mean, ammonia has a distinct smell and I don't think that would/should be used when handling or cleaning food... let alone raw food for reptiles.)

    If it's urine, that's not... no. I almost feel sorry for the mouse being frozen and packaged in its own pee. Poor thing deserves some dignity being a feeder.
  7. MentalMilkSNakes

    MentalMilkSNakes Active Member

    The company I got them from gave me a full refund. I did not purchase them online mind you. Unfortunately their entire shipment had that same smell so I went with some pre killed instead.
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  8. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    I wonder if they just waited too long to freeze this group? Glad you got a refund, do you think you'll go with a different supplier?
  9. MentalMilkSNakes

    MentalMilkSNakes Active Member

    I'm not sure yet. I ordered from them previously and there was no issue with smell. They definitely have the best prices around.

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