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For Sale - Carpet Pythons & Green Tree Pythons

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jamesw, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    I am getting out of the reptile industry and am putting my snakes up for sale.

    All prices are plus shipping and 3% if paying through paypal.

    2010 Female 50% Irian Jaya Jaguar $400 OBO (pending sale)

    2010 Female MBB Red Coastal Jaguar $500 OBO

    2010 Male MBB Red Coastal Jaguar Sibling $300 OBO (pending sale)

    2010 Male Tiger Jaguar $425 OBO

    2010 Male Bredli $125 OBO

    2011 Female Diamond x Jungle Jaguar sibling $150 OBO

    2011 Male Diamond x Jungle Jaguar sibling $150 OBO

    2011 Male Irian Jaya het Granite Jaguar sibling $150 OBO

    I also have 3 Green Tree Pythons available, 2 adult females and 1 unsexed neonate.
    $375 each for the adults
    $250 for the neonate

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  2. GoldDust

    GoldDust Well-Known Member

    Oh jeez, if I had any knowledge of carpet pythons I would be all over the first one. I may do my reading and keep an eye on this thread -- I have to learn sooner or later, right? :)
    Good luck selling!
  3. rosi92

    rosi92 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Im sorry you have to get rid of your snakes. I wish I could take your GTP's, but unfortunately I don't have the money or enclosure for them! I hope you are able to find good homes for them all!
  4. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    I have enclosures for everything if you are local or close enough to come pick up. Some are just tubs, but enclosures none the less.
  5. rosi92

    rosi92 Subscribed User Premium Member

    I wish... I'm in Austin,Tx.:(
  6. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    Biak female $375

    Biak female $375

    Neonate $250 (sold to me as a Jayapura)

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  7. rosi92

    rosi92 Subscribed User Premium Member

  8. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    New fresh shed pics - FULL STRIPE!!



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  9. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    MBB red Coastal Jag sibling is SOLD
    50% Irian Jaya Jag is SOLD
    Irian Jaya het Granite is SOLD
  10. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    That baby is way too cute!! I hope you find wonderful homes for them all :)
  11. MrJoshua

    MrJoshua New Member

    JamesW - I am loving your GTP Neonate. Have you sold him yet?
  12. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    Jeez, them carpet prices. I payed $175 for my Irian Jaya....
  13. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    Yes, everything has been sold.

    I was only asking $150 for my Irian Jaya
  14. PMC

    PMC Well-Known Member

    I keep coming back to look at that neonate... tell me you've sold him/her so I can quit obsessing over her! Soooo cute! But my first gtp probably shouldn't be a neonate! lol But he'she is gorgeous just the same. I planned on getting a Sorong or Jayapura that had the blue stripe (if I am lucky!)
  15. jjrhodes

    jjrhodes New Member

    Please notify me if the green tree is still a baby and for sale!
  16. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    @ jjrhodes: If you read the thread before posting you would see that just 2 posts above yours it clearly states:

  17. PMC

    PMC Well-Known Member

    I saw that after I posted as well, and instantly wished I knew how to delete my comment... lol
    Sorry, couldn't help getting a lil excited over such a cute baby! :x
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