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Fluker's Repta-Aid Insect/Carnivore

Discussion in 'Product Questions' started by pctwst, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. pctwst

    pctwst Member

    Hello all,

    Has any one used this product on young Leopard Geckos? I am still having a problem getting my youngsters to eat on their own. I have had them for just over two weeks. I suspect that they are still stressed. I have tried seperating them. One will eat on its own the other will not. I have been using a baby food/waxworm/vitimin potion that was suggested to me on this site. However, I came across the Fluker's Repta-Aid Insect/Carnivore product and I was wondering if anyone has had sucess with this product. Below is a link for the product.

    Emergency Critical Care

    Thank you,
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If the gecko is taking the paste well I would stick with it.
  3. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    I have used it before,, it is okay. I personally think it is better to use a homeade remedy of really good food, baby food, calcium supplement and so on. The only reason I state this is because you know exactly whats in it. Even though Flukers is a big company turn that bottle around and tell me what exactly the 500 ingredients are, lol. Then spend all day looking them up, lol. You have to be a rocket scientist to know what those things are right off the bat, lol. Baby food (organic) has exactly that in it. FOOD, lol. Without the 700 pesticides and the 800 preservatives, and who knows what else, lol.
    The one thing you have to remember,, is whats good for one carnivore is not always good for the other. That stuff is just a basic outline of "carnivore", alot of times too they recommend that stuff for beardies who are omnivores. Okay I am done rambling now, lol.
  4. darkcirca

    darkcirca Member

    I've used Flukers before, but it isn't the best. Usually if they are still not eating at this point there is something else wrong, which would almost be best to go to a vet. You can get Carnivore Care from them, which is a little pricey, but it is better overall.
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