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First Snake/New User: Rosy Boa Not Eating After Stressful Event.

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by rosyliz, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. rosyliz

    rosyliz New Member

    Hi there,

    I have an albino rosy boa that was born in August of 2013, she has been in my care since January of 2014. She currently is in a 10 gal enclosure with aspen shavings, a log hide out, fake plants, and small water dish. My heat source sits on top of her enclosure and I use a dimmer to keep her temperature between 85-92 degrees F (dial thermometer). Humidity is between 30-35% (dial humidity gauge).

    After bringing her home, it took her about a month to settle in and start eating again. I've been feeding her two live pinkies every week with no problem in a separate small feeding cage.

    Okay hopefully that is enough background information (I'm a new snake owner and new user to this site). Now for my concern...
    On July 22 during feeding part of my window fixture fell on top of her feeding cage. It was loud and I'm sure shook the cage a bit but it didn't knock it over or anything. She was in the process of swallowing one pinky, probably about half way through when the fixture fell. She immediately regurgitated the half swallowed pinky but after some time went after and ate the 2nd pinky. The next morning I find she had regurgitated the 2nd pinky as well. Since then she hasn't eaten.

    Just slightly concerned, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    It may also be worthy to note that after the incident I moved, so I did have to transport her on a 3 hours car ride.

    Cheers - Liz
  2. rimridge

    rimridge Well-Known Member

    Hi Liz, Welcome to the forum's.

    Your basic's seem to be in order.

    I think you should feed your rosy in it's own home, because moving it to feed it can add stress as it is. There should be no need to move it for feeding.

    Your rosy at a year old should be feeding on fuzzy but likely hopper mice, by now. New born rosy boa's can be started on fuzzy smaller fuzzy mice.
    It sounds like she has been through a bit of stress with the crash and the move. At this point I don't believe there is concern. I think you should just leave alone,including (no handling) for a week or two and then try her on feed again.

    Good luck, and keep us informed
  3. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    Give her a few weeks (2-3 should work) without offering food.
  4. rosyliz

    rosyliz New Member

    Thank you for the help! Next time I try and feed her it'll be fuzzies.

    Your response lead me to another question though. At a year old how big should she be? She's shed twice since I've had her and I believe one other time before that.
  5. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    I am not a rosy boa owner, but as with most snakes, size is relative. Snakes grow at their own speeds and as long as they are being fed and cared for properly, they will almost always thrive. Do not get too hung up on size and length of your snake, concentrate on being the best owner you can be. I know this does not answer your question in the way you want, but I hope it does help.
  6. rimridge

    rimridge Well-Known Member

    I like how David said it here. There are too many factors to say a rosy boa is going to be this big at a year old.
    As long as she is feeding regular it will grow at a good pace.
    Just focus your efforts on it's care.
  7. LeoLover98

    LeoLover98 Member

    Yeah I would just say give her time to adjust and calm down a bit before offering her food so when you do offer her food she will be more likely to take it willingly.

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