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Finally Started Something!

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by Rakoladycz, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    Wow I can't wait to see the final product. :)
  2. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Yea I only had like 40% of it planned out on paper about 70% in my head and everything else was done as-built! lol I don't suggest that for just anyone though!

    Well since my last pictures I have enclosed the framework of the top front, installed the track and tested out my windows! Work like a dream! I then took them out and set them out of the way in a safe place. My fiance's enthusiasm in the background apparently isn't as high as her initial yes a week or so back and I have started working on my background.

    I started off with a brad nail gun and put several nails through the back so that they stuck through the front of it and I could then put the styrofoam on those. In the picture you can see some drywall screws, I got tired of getting in and out so that just had to do for the moment where I didn't have brad nails! lol This was all temporary as I wanted to get a feel. Then I cut other random shaped pieces with a keyhole saw(A tool I own that I felt would do the job efficiently). I applied those pieces all around. You may notice that I don't have my middle stud on the back wall and that is because I don't want it to intervene with keeping the background consistent and will put it in after. Now that I have an idea I am going to be cutting probably three sections out in order for me to place planters in.

    Once I have done that I will be siliconing the styrofoamall together and away we go with Great Stuff!

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  3. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    What were you planning to coat the background with?
    I used thinned down mortar covered with epoxy as monitor nails can shred things pretty quick.
  4. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    I am going to test it first Mike but I'm going to use concrete vinyl patch. I think the adhesives in it will let it bond easily enough and I shouldn't have any shrinkage cracks. I am going to mix some concrete pigment into it so that I won't have to paint it after. Hopefully it works

    MDFMONITOR Elite Member

    Rakoladycz good luck with your build!!:)
  6. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Thanks MDF!

    I would like to apologize to everyone for taking so long to finish. I came to the part of doing the background and was unhappy with it the entire time. Looking at MDFMONITOR's build and how he utilized his background and talking with Gbassett I think I have come up with an idea I will be happy with. When I have progress made I will post pictures.
  7. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Pictures of my most recent progress.

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  8. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    You need to get a job or something.
    You have WAY too much time on your hands. ;)
  9. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Better than heating dirt! :p

    And I have a job 40+ hour! lol

    I have messed with the Great Stuff before and I seem to remember it going through different phases of shrinkage and expansion. Anybody know what I am talking about? Other wise I am going to wait one or two weeks before I coat it with the concrete vinyl patch.

    Mike, I did a sample piece with the concrete vinyl patch and it came out good. Hope it works just as good in the large scale. I am really concerned about the flexing of the frame in transport cracking it.
  10. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Yes, that great stuff really shrinks, lots of airflow, time to cure before attempting to cover! I found out the hard way, all of the grout I applied to my project cracked and fell off!:(
  11. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    I know I went through something similar long ago when doing my first and only foam background and I couldn't remember for certain the timetables. Seems like I remember the initial expansion and two shrink stages.
  12. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Randy, I forget the name of the product I used.
    A concrete vinyl additive that helps with elasticity. Seemed to work out for me. I never noticed any cracks.
  13. hangtown530

    hangtown530 Elite Member

    MAN..You done yet ;p Everything looks like it went well, glad to see it.
  14. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Hmm.. not sure I've heard of it. If you think of it shout it out!

    Lol Not yet playing with foam and filling voids. Everything is coming together good so far. I think I am going to run into a few more problems but what else is new.
  15. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Well I have made a bit of progress since my last post. The entire background has been coated. There are still a few places that could use a bit of touch up but all in all I am impressed with it.

    Other than coating the background I have mounted and ambient light along the top. Made working in it easier to see.

    The pictures are of the background laying flat on the ground and me taking pictures from above. in my garage. Didn't have a whole lot of space to stand back.

    As I expected in the first transport after the cure I got a few cracks. None that noticeable. I figure if I coat it in a good thick acrylic sealer they won't be a problem.

    I had some pictures of the in between stages as it took me a month to get around to finish it, they appear to have gotten deleted between my fiance uploading pics on her comp and me on mine.

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