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Fighting Humidity

Discussion in 'Humidity' started by Draxx, May 29, 2012.

  1. Draxx

    Draxx Active Member

    As I am getting my Uromastyx next week, so checking the heating and other details prior to his arrival has been on the agenda. As Uro's like low humidity, that is a concern. It occurred to me that although not a huge problem for me in Southern California, keeping an enclosure at low humidity for someone living in a humid local must be tough. I have a suggestion... Stack-On SPAD-60 Safe 'N Dry Desiccant for Stack-On Long-Gun Safes and Cabinets, 10-Pack: Home Improvement

    I use something similar in a safe and they seem to work well. They are small enough to secure to the ceiling or other non obtrusive part of the enclosure, are rechargeable and effect about the right amount of space for a 4x2x2 enclosure. Obviously one must use caution to keep them from being eaten, but if placed out of reach, I would think it might be an answer for those who are "humidity challenged". Just thought I would throw it out there... ;)
  2. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    I would never put these in a tank, something about introducing a known toxin to the environment just gives me the bad vibes.
  3. Draxx

    Draxx Active Member

    From what admittedly brief research I did on these type products, silca beads are not toxic. I dye used to indicate saturation is only if eaten.

    I certainly understand erroring on the side of caution and were I to use these myself, I would probably place the outside a vent of my enclosure. Just threw it out there for folks to consider or research themselves .
  4. Mike954

    Mike954 Member

    look into somthing called DAMP RID. I dont know it its toxic for our pets, but they use this stuff in houses that are vacant to keep humidity down in a room that has high humidity. All you would have todo it build a cage around it to the reptile cant get to it, but make sure you read up on it as I dont know if its toxic.
  5. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    What level of humidity are you dealing with and how consistent is it? Also, how are you measuring it?
  6. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Remember as well that the basking lights in your enclosure are going to cook off some of the humidity.
  7. Jetbo

    Jetbo Active Member

    In the summer time I been using Eva-dry E-500 dehumidifiers in my bearded dragon cages for awhile now with good luck. It's reusable, non-toxic, child and pet safe. They even used to make a camouflage one that you can hide in a cage easily.

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