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Female Dragon Help

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Colleen, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    For the last few weeks the girls and the guys have been displaying breeding behavior (head bobbing, waving etc.). Today when I cleaned cages, I moved on of the males from on top of the girl’s enclosure to the floor next to another male (he was by a window and with the extremely cold weather we getting I though this was a smart thing to do). I have put a piece of cardboard between he males so they can't see each other. Here is the problem, I looked up from reading and one of the girls that the other one by the back of the neck and tiring to do breed the other female. These girls have been together for about two years now. Yes, they are both female (have laid eggs). So I worry about this behavior and separate them or just let them be?
  2. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Im not experienced with beardies but it should be fine to leave them together unless it really becomes a stress problem for the girlie thats being "courted" I guess you would call it, if you see loss in appeteite, less activity,weight loss any signs of it becoming stressful for her just seperate them then
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Generally when same sex animals display what appears to be breeding behavior it is in reality a dominance behavior. Keep an eye on them and see if the behavior continues or escalates.
    If so you may need to separate them.
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