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Female Boa 4 Feet What is a Healthy Weight

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by BoaBoi79, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. BoaBoi79

    BoaBoi79 Member

    I didn't look that close say of her condition I didn't wanna stress her anymore but I will check tomorrow I'm starting to think she isn't one and he was a big fake
  2. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    Trust me if she's a pastel you'll know. They're an intense bronwish orange like the one I posted a picture of. I've had a few scammers try to sell me "BCI Het BCCs" before... which is literally the stupidest thing in the entire world.
  3. BoaBoi79

    BoaBoi79 Member

    Well she is a very deep brown and she had a shiney iridescence just need to see her belly

    - - - Updated - - -

    So the caramel is just a common red tail what don't thing of the las she is supposed to be get albino
  4. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    Heterozygous genes are basically invisible so I wouldn't be able to tell you if she's het but she's definitely a normal boa poss het albino..
  5. BoaBoi79

    BoaBoi79 Member

    Thanks for your helpb

    Wow I'm such a foolb I can't believe that guy what apiece of work but I should have known since the animals are in such a shape
  6. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    Yeah I hear you. Unfortunately I've fallen victim to the same type of person when I first got into reptiles
  7. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Hey man don't get to down about it. Like EriksExotics said "knowing reptiles an knowing genetics are two different things". Genetics is sooooo easy to get lost and confused in. There is a lot to learn. I tried to tap into that wealth I. Knowledge Couple times, but my brain quickly gives up. I'm not saying you can't do it. I'm just saying don't feel bad, you may not have gotten the boa morphs you paid for, but, you did happen to save 3 boas! That's great too right? So don't think you're a fool and that you a bad deal, just think you made a good deal by giving those boas a second chance at life. Y'know? So I hoped I helped out a little. Sorry if none of what I said made sense. I'm not the best with words. I wish the best of luck to you and your new boas!
  8. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    I'm primarily into boas and I'm still learning new genetics and still leaning new things. It isn't easy and unfortunately bad people will take advantage of that and sell you made up morphs or Normals sold as Hets to up the price a little and HKG said the most important thing already... You're giving three normals a chance at a healthy, happy life which is overall the most important thing. Normals seem to get treated badly the most often because they're cheap. that's why you never see $1,000+ boas with RI's or sicknesses. But you can pick up a normal for $20 and people seem to associate the animals importance with their monetary worth meaning people say "oh I have a $500 snake and a $40 snake. the $500 snake is more important!" and end up neglecting the cheaper animal(s). BUT there's no price tag on the well being of any living animal, $20, $2,000 or even $20,000. They all need good homes!
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2014

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