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Female 3 Toed Box Turtle W/little Bump Above Each Eye Lid.

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by frogdog, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. frogdog

    frogdog New Member

    Hi All,

    My box turtle (which i adopted about 6 months ago), has been burrowing into the dirt for the past month (before she was in an outdoor enclosure where the dirt was too hard to burrow in). In this new enclosure the dirt is looser. Inside her burrow it's fairly damp, kind of muddy actually but this is right after the sprinklers have been on. The sprinklers are on for 15 minutes every other day.

    I take her out at least twice a week to feed her. I noticed today, when i plucked her out of her burrow that she has little tiny bumps on the top of her eye lids. Both eyes. It looks symmetrical. I'm wondering if she has always had them and i'm just noticing them now, if they are more prevalent from being in mud/dirt, or if the very damp burrow is causing them? Should i be worried?

    She lives outside, in Hawaii. Her enclosure is probably 10' by 15'. It is planted with all edible plants. She has shaded areas and sunny areas. I don't know her age but the people that had her before me had her for 10 years and she was full grown when they found her.

    She mainly likes meal worms, slugs, earth worms, a little apple and papaya. I dust with the TNT powder twice a week.
    She hides most of the time, even when she was not able to burrow.

    Mahalo, V

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  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I think she looks fine. As long as she is acting normal and eating fine as well as using her eyes she should be fine.
    I know that one of my hatchling box turtles has something similar and he is perfectly healthy.
  3. frogdog

    frogdog New Member

    Thanks very much Thala.
  4. troymclure

    troymclure Elite Member

    she has horns! lol

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