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Feeding Question

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Bosc25, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Bosc25

    Bosc25 Member

    I modified my shopping list for my savannah and added everything everyone suggested in my last post. My next question is on feeding. I was wondering if a savannah monitor could be fed mostly mealworms and phoenix worms and be offered crickets and roaches once or twice weekly? I've yet to be successful with keeping crickets and I still live with my parents (only 17 1/2) and my mom will not allow me to start a roach colony anywhere in the house. I can also provide superworms and silkworms for extra variety.
  2. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    You're asking for problems if you feed too many superworms or others. They have fairly high fat content, not to mention it won't satisfy a larger monitor.
  3. reptileden0

    reptileden0 Active Member

    can you start a colony in a garage or basement, or shed or friends place? Check it out! :)
    Pick low fat foods. Obesity is common in the Bosc.
  4. Gemini25

    Gemini25 Active Member

    Yeah, that's what I've heard as well.
  5. DoctorHyde

    DoctorHyde Member

    I haven't been keeping my ackie for long, but the Dubia roach colony was maybe the best pet-related investment I've ever made.

    I seriously keep them in a $5 rubbermaid bin with holes drilled in the top and a heat mat on the bottom. They eat crushed cat food, make no smell, and drink from some vitamin/food gelatin I get for $2 a pound at a local reptile specialty shop. They are positively fantastic. I've found a few "batches" of nymphs already too, so it's pretty fantastic.

    Order yourself some dubias for while your darling is younger... they're a fantastic staple and eagerly accepted. Another bit of advice: get a glass pyrex dish. Ensure that it's tall enough for them to be unable to climb, but shallow enough for your monitor to reach into.

    I may never see my ackie, but I always know that he's eaten.
  6. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    This is great advice but won't do them any good if his/her mom won't let them! :(

    Is your mom persuadable? Try to get her to research your lizard's care needs and see if that can help her come around! :)

    If not, see if she might let you keep them in a safe place outside :)

    Good luck, I hope you find a way :)
  7. DoctorHyde

    DoctorHyde Member

    Well, you can say you're ordering dubia "beetles" since they're technically beetles. From above, they look like rolly-polly bugs. I keep mine outside and they're fine. Not a single escapee. They're positively pathetic at climbing smooth surfaces.

    You might want to remind your mom that they can't climb, so there's no way even a male and female escapee could live long enough to reproduce... unless you keep food lying around on the floor.

    Their potential to turn into pests is really VERY low. They make less smell than crickets, can't escape like crickets, can be kept in a feeder dish from which they can't escape while in the sav's enclosure, and they don't make any noise-- unlike crickets. If you're mom's afraid of any feeder insects: she should be terrified of crickets. The moths that make waxworms can eat your clothes, the beetles that make superworms and mealworms are fast with a high potential to turn into pests and infest the house.

    So ask her this as calmly as you can: Do you want jumpers that make noise and smell, flying things that eat clothes, or swarms of super fast bugs that can eat the drywall? If she's refusing the roaches, those are her choices. If she chooses dubias though, she gets pathetic climbers that can't eat anything but real food she'd have to leave out on the floor... this is in addition to their nigh nonexistent odds of escape. If she still has her doubts, PM me and I'll get it as an email alert, I'll reply as soon as I can to allay her fears.
  8. bucher70

    bucher70 Elite Member

    Dubias also need relatively high temperatures to even breed, hence the heat mat. They cant really do to much at room temperature. They are after all tropical insects.
    I really enjoy my colony, like them much better than nasty crickets.
  9. methos75

    methos75 Elite Member

    In my experience, Baby savs don't really enjoy Super worms at all and much prefer Crickets.
  10. Larry Bolster

    Larry Bolster New Member

    My baby savanna monitor loves super worms. She a best when she eats them. 9/24/2017

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