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Feeding Problems

Discussion in 'Ratsnakes' started by Antony, May 11, 2014.

  1. Antony

    Antony New Member

    I have had my rat snake for around 4 years now, he lives in a new enclosure that is 45 inch long 16 inch high and deep, his heat mat is roughly 15 inches wide and 16 inches long, I put him in aspen snake bedding and he stays in my bedroom where it is quiet.

    He his around 6 foot and normally eats 1 large rat a week but a month ago he shed his skin and since has not eaten almost acts scared of the rat, I bought a smaller rat incase the bigger one may have hurt him but he shows no interest ( he normally eats soon as he sees the rat ) within the past month I bought him a new heat mat and viv as he out grown is older one could this play apart?? But also I noticed he hasn't made any mess and I got advised to put him in warm water to help pass it threw, I have read up a few things and started to get concerned specially when I read up on about yawning which I have caught him do a few times

    Anybody have any advice please?
  2. MorganLeFay

    MorganLeFay Elite Member

    Some snakes go off food in the spring time due to the breeding season and can go on for months without a single meal. This is especially true for males. Have you already moved him to the new viv? If so, he could also be slightly stressed by the move. Give him a few weeks with no handling so that he can get comfortable and then try offering again. Don't worry though, he's fine as long as he doesn't lose any weight. My snake went crazy too, has only had 1 small mouse in the span of the last 2 months and is completely restless. It's normal breeding behaviour. Maybe try raising the temps slightly to snap him out of the spring fever.
  3. Antony

    Antony New Member

    Moved him in on the 3rd week of not eating so as you said thanks a lot :))

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