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Feeding Northern Brown Snakes

Discussion in 'Colubrids *General*' started by chief30ffd, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. chief30ffd

    chief30ffd New Member

    Hi, I'm Dave and I'm new on here. I found the site while researching on northern brown snakes. Someone had posted feeding info on them and how often to feed them. I have one that i been taking care of for the winter. I feed him a garden worm every other day or so.. He loves to eat. One problem I found in the begining is that the worms were a little to big for him. I started him on garden worms and now he graduated to trout worms.. I use aspen snake bedding and dont like him to eat around due to the dangers of him eating it, So I just feed him from my hand.... He turned out to be the perfect pet snake.. The only reason i have him is because as Hurricane Irene was comming in one of my Fireman found him in the firehouse..The next day I took him home. I was gonna release him in the days after the storm but could'nt... He really is pretty awesome...He's very happy living like a king in his 30 gl tank... Any questions about the NBS you may have reach out for me..

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