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Fat Tailed Gecko-HELP

Discussion in 'African Fat-tailed Geckos' started by MIke_Haare, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. MIke_Haare

    MIke_Haare Elite Member

    OK, my fat tailed, has mites, but no other lizard in my room does and they seem fine, my fat tailed hasnt been eating well/much so he is pretty much skin and bones and i think that may be from mites, he's already in a lot of pain so i want to get rid of the mites ASAP but my parents aren't to worried about, we're going to petco to buy some mite treatment and some new substrate for him i soaked him like 5min ago, any other ways to help him?
  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    A tea colored betadine and water mixture would be a good idea as far as soaking/cleaning him is concerned. That will help clean any of the bites that the mites have made.

    You also need to clean the room and monitor the other herps. Mites will normally leave the enclosure and lay their eggs in "rugs". So even if you clean him well and get rid of them, they could return in a few days from those mites that have been migrating.
  3. MIke_Haare

    MIke_Haare Elite Member

  4. deltro_star

    deltro_star Elite Member

    Hmmm since youre a Cards fan Ill help you out :D (Im not a cards fan but they keep my natural enemy (the Cubs) out of the playoffs so theyre ok....for now) I am a White SoX fan if you hadnt noticed.

    Anyways, mites are a real pest and hard to get rid of, if theyre effecting your geckos appitie it may be farther along than you think.
    Hers's a good article to help you understands the little pests.

    One more thing when you do get your Gecko well and eating again be sure to feed him a high fat/high calcium diet including waxworms and butterworms to fatten him back up.
  5. MIke_Haare

    MIke_Haare Elite Member

    ok well i bought some mite treatment stuff (Reptile Relief) and my mom found this Reptile aid thingy (help him to eat again) and im gonna scrub down his tank tomarow thanks
  6. esbat

    esbat Reptile Rescue Premium Member

    You might want to use paper towels for the substrate until the mites are all gone. They should be changed daily. Good luck.
  7. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    I've never experienced mites with lizards, but we've had a few infestations with our snakes. We use a product called frontline, designed for fleas on cats and dogs, and bought from the vet,. this is diluted with alcohol, or used pure on larger animals, and is also used to kill off anything in the tank.

    If possible put the lizard in a quarantine room, away from your other animals - getting rid of mites from one animal is a pain but getting rid of them from your whole collection is absolutely awful.

    Keep the lizard in its tank with quarantine procedures - paper towels as substrate to allow you to spot any mites, throw away or sterilise any cage furniture.

    In our experience we have always been able to get rid of mites and had nothing bad happen to our reptiles, but they are capable of causing fatality if left untreated. Many of the products on the market will work to a degree but in our experience do not completely get rid of the mites. It is quite worrying that your lizard has got to the state it is in, indicating that it has suffered from the mites for quite a while, have you not noticed them before? Also a vet visit may help in making sure the lizard has no other nasties. Good luck
  8. MIke_Haare

    MIke_Haare Elite Member

    im going to the vet this comeing monday, Thanks everyone
  9. MIke_Haare

    MIke_Haare Elite Member

    just as an update, i've gotten rid of the mites now. He still wont eat much but little steps at a time eh?
  10. swifty

    swifty Member

    try him on small pinkies they will bring him back to good health if he takes them feed one every two days, you will notice a big change in him .
    hope all goes well fop him.
  11. Fran

    Fran Veteran Member

    I've found Reptile Relief to be about the best mite medication that I have ever used. Just follow the directions. I have a gallon in Becca's closet right now.
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