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Evil Personified

Discussion in 'Ratsnakes' started by Reptilius, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Reptilius

    Reptilius Active Member

    I read with interest how calm and docile the Texas Rat Snakes posted here are.
    My pair are pure evil, like to bite, and when that does not work, musk like nobodies business.
    It took me one whole year to get the Female calm enough to handle. I am afraid that I will never be able to handle the male with bare hands.

    The Female



    The Male


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  2. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    This is why I love Black Rats ;) Most every one I have handled in the wild has been docile. I have been tagged twice, but they were more head butts and barely scratched my skin.

    Old pic, but this big guy was taken right off the side of the road, photographed, and released again well off the road. Never showed any interest in biting.


    Good luck with your Rats!

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  3. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Nice Rats.
    Maybe Knox wears nicer shirts.
  4. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    That got a good laugh out of me!
  5. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Me too :D Thanks Mike
  6. Reptilius

    Reptilius Active Member

    Thank You All for the replies.
    This pair breeds successfully every season and luckily both are het leucy, so I get a 50/50 clutch of hatchlings every year. Half the clutch is Leucy and half is normal het Leucy.

    I will post a pic of my Little Black rat and Albino Black rat.
  7. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Nice looking snakes :) I hope they calm down and realize your not going to eat them :) How is the temperment of the babies?

    Caution genetics nut sneaking in:
    Your babies are not 100% het Leucy, they are 66% possibly het leucy ;)
    If one parent was leucy and had normals those would be 100% het leucys. Since they don't have any het markers it's impossible to tell who is het and who is "just" normal :)
  8. Reptilius

    Reptilius Active Member

    Thanks for the info.

    The babies temperaments vary, some are calm and others evil.

    Regarding the genetics issue. If one parent is Leucy and the other Normal but het Leucy then babies are 100% Leucy.
    If both parents are het Leucy then babies are 66% possibly het Leucy. Do I understand it correctly.
  9. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    If one parent is a Leucy and the other is het Leucy. You wil get 50% Leucys and 50% normals 100% het Leucy :)
    If both parents are het 25% will be Leucy and the normals will have a 66% chance at being het. Of course mother nature likes to play with us to and clutches are usually not 100% what we think they should be :)
  10. Reptilius

    Reptilius Active Member

    Thank You Very Much. We learn every day.

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