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Enclosure Almost Done- Need Advice on Lights, Fixtures, Timers, Thermostats

Discussion in 'Habitat Lighting' started by gpolkin, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. gpolkin

    gpolkin Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to post a picture of the enclosure I am building but got an error message. As I mentioned in a prior post the enclosure is 30" deep x 48" wide by 66" tall. It is built painted, sealed and getting close to ready to go.

    I am going to at least try starting out with a 55 gallon aquarium in the bottom front area(it is just over 48" wide which made for some design tweaks to accommodate this. The aquarium is 21 inches high which is more than needed but I decided I would try to make it work as it was only $25 bucks and offered a nice swimming option. Plan is to fill it half up with water with branches coming out of it to maximize vertical climbing area. I installed a vertical divider behind the aquarium, behind it will be an area with soil and plants. The area has been sealed with three coats of minwax and silicone. I will seal it further with water based epoxy next Sat.

    So based on input from many of you and reviewing many posts here is what I am thinking I need to buy:

    Top lighting-
    * 36" HO T5 Double Bulb fixture with Arcadia 12% and 6.5k Day-light Bulbs Included 1 Arcadia 12% and a 6.5k daylight This would be mounted along the top front and angled towards the back and down.
    * Based on prior input from this forum, immediately behind it I was going to go with two halogens on swivel mounts(please point me to specific mounts at HomeDepot that have worked for you) and perhaps another single swivel to put an optional spot in.

    Side lighting/heating
    (Build a ledge about half way up on the side and mount this underneath in a way that my WD cannot contact them)-
    * Ceramic heater(150w? on a thermostat) (Please send me specific product links for either the CHE or thermostat). I read that having the ceramic heater low would better heat the lower area and enclosure as a whole.
    * Another swivel mount for a halogen flood or spot.

    Timers to run the lights? I have no idea what is best. Specific product recommendations would be appreciated
    Thermostat to run the ceramic heater? No idea what is best. Specific product recommendations would be appreciated.
    Misting system and timer? Suggestions.

    I am also wondering about building in basking ledges? Do I just guess on the height from the top to place these? Can I just use branches instead and move them as I see fit to creating basking areas?

    Thanks for any info you can share.

  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Re: Enclosure Almost Done- Need Advice on Lights, Fixtures, Timers, Thermos

    Too lighting: well its nice to have all that you don't really need it. Just the one Arcadia bulb is fine. You don't need the daylight bulb.
    Are the two halogens on the top in the swivel mounts for the basking?

    You can use branches but they don't hold heat as well and they don't allow your CWD to relax and lay out completely while basking.
  3. Re: Enclosure Almost Done- Need Advice on Lights, Fixtures, Timers, Thermos

    These are the two best proportional themostats you can buy:
    EcoZone Vivarium - Reptile Snake and Herp Environmental Control. Temperature, Lighting, Mister Control, Dimmable Lighting, Vivarium Terrarium Backgrounds
    Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

    I own the ecozone, its great. They both have humidity/temp probes, programmable timers linked to the temp/humity probes, and let you ramp up and down the power output to dim lights instead of clicking them on and off. The ecozone can connect to the internet and let you monitor your temps from your computer/phone and also program seasons. I have seen more people with the herpstat so it is tried and true, but the ecozone is a bit more innovative. Both owners are friendly.

    The best MVB you can buy is from here. This guy is pretty hard core about these lights, and many people swear by them:
    Welcome To ReptileUV - Mega-Ray® UVB lamps for reptile lighting worldwide

    And the best misting system from here. Very modular, can run dry without burning up, easy to clean and extensible:
    MistKing Misting Systems by Jungle Hobbies Ltd
  4. gpolkin

    gpolkin Well-Known Member

    Re: Enclosure Almost Done- Need Advice on Lights, Fixtures, Timers, Thermos

    Thanks guys

    My Herpastat is on its way.


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