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Emerald Tree Boa Pictures

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by JIQRP, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. JIQRP

    JIQRP Active Member

    Emerald Tree Boas 005.jpg

    Emerald Tree Boas 002.jpg

    Emerald Tree Boas 2 001.jpg

    Emerald Tree Boas 2 004.jpg

    Thanks for looking.
  2. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    STUNNING - STUNNING - STUNNING!!!:D I've always wanted one but they go for around R25 000.00 here in SA.:eek:
  3. wgnelson

    wgnelson Elite Member

    Very nice!

    'Contentment' is showing in the pic's.
  4. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    That settles it- I am going to talk the wife into letting me get one of those. Absolutely beautiful.
  5. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Thanks for the pics! :)
    Although I prefer my chondros, ETBs are definitely beautiful, especially the body markings.
  6. savannahmon181

    savannahmon181 Elite Member

    Wow I want one so bad. You're lucky!!
  7. JIQRP

    JIQRP Active Member

    I love my Chondros also, I will post some pictures of them as well.
  8. Frognut

    Frognut Subscribed User Premium Member

    Oh WOW! That is a beautiful snake~ I am soooo envious!

    There was a guy at the local herp show last month trying to sell off his snake collection - set-ups and all. He had this gorgeous Emerald Tree Boa, it was a beautiful almost florescent green color.

    I was dying - but hubby says NO SNAKES, and I'd have no place to put another tank at the moment. Not to mention the tiny detail that I have NO IDEA how to take care of one.

    So lucky for me and the snake, I walked away pouting!!

    You are a lucky duck!
  9. LovetheBaruu

    LovetheBaruu Subscribed User Premium Member

    ;);)Try squeezing out a couple tears next time. Keep in mind, this will only work once or twice and you absolutely cannot laugh!! (Learned that the hard way). Beautiful color and great photos. You are lucky!
  10. teiryklav94

    teiryklav94 Well-Known Member

    From what I see, ETBs scales are glossier than GTPs, GTPs scales are like soft rough, and so nice to be felt. So nice. That's why I prefer chondros. :)
  11. Piano Man

    Piano Man Elite Member

    That is a beautiful ETB, they are gorgeous snakes. They always seem to have a look in their eyes like they want to take your hand off, but that is still a beautiful snake.
  12. Dave22

    Dave22 New Member

    Absolutly stunning! I am definitely getting one.
  13. agama3000

    agama3000 Elite Member

    Those are my favorite.
  14. Steven080808

    Steven080808 Member

    I'm wanting one so bad. Where did you get yours from? I've only been able to find a few breeders, and others wanted an insane amount for them while others only want so little.
  15. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    It's worth saving your money up and finding a reputable breeder.
    People selling ETBs for low prices probably have wild-caught or farmed animals. These will often carry parasites or have other health issues. What you don't pay for a healthy animal, you'll end up giving out at the vet's office! (and you may end up with a dead snake!) ETBs can suffer from chronic regurgitation syndrome.
    They ARE gorgeous animals, but they don't tolerate incorrect husbandry. So it's worth taking the time to read up on them and save up to get the best possible terrarium set-up and then find someone who can provide you with a healthy animal.
  16. Steven080808

    Steven080808 Member

    I've been saving for awhile now and am expecting the last bits of my terrarium to be in soon. On average the low price I've been finding is 400 (usd), 750-800 mid (usd), and 1000 and up (usd).
    I've got...1 female ball python,1 female blood python, 1 male and 1 female columbian boa. Until now the blood python was the only hard one to find a good breeder for. :(
  17. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    You may want to try going to a local reptile show. There are usually several breeders there with many different types a snakes and if you have done your homework, finding a reputable one should not be too difficult.
  18. Dogboa

    Dogboa Elite Member

    Pricing is initially divided by type, northerns which generally sell between $300.00 to $800.00 and basins which generally start at around $1000.00. Then you start looking at sex and coloration/pattern, with higher white animals commanding higher prices. Northerns with excellent pattern and lots of white markings can reach $2000.00. Basins with unbroken stripes, lots of large diamonds and numerous tear-drop latterals can have prices ranging into the $10K area. Bloodlines also play a roll in pricing.

    This northern girl set me back $1200.00, 4 years ago.

    This basin girl was $2500.00 back in '99.

  19. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    Beautiful! Geez I wish I had that kind of money, I am sure I would get one they have always been one of my favorites!
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