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Emerald Swift Eye Issues [advice Needed]

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by CheshireKat, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. CheshireKat

    CheshireKat New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, so apologies if this isn't in the right location. TLDR with picture at the bottom!

    I've had my lizard, Hagrid, for about a year now without any difficulty. He currently resides in a 33 gallon tank that is temporarily split in half to house another lizard on the opposing side - so he has just over 15 gallons of space. There is no visual contact between these two, and they are non-aggressive towards one another. The other lizard is a female emerald swift that was a rescue and we don't have the space to expand for about another month when we move. The exact cage is the Exo Terra Large Low Terrarium (36 x 18 x 12).

    Due to the cramped situation, his overhead lighting consists of a Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood which has a 60W Exo-Terra Daytime Heat Lamp and a 13W 10.0 UVB ReptiSun. This leaves his temperature at a good 65 - 75 degrees, based on the heat of the house as well. To satisfy humidity requirements I mist his bedding once in the morning, and once at night and in between if able (I work 12 hour shifts), and I have a humidifier in the room. I generally target 65%, but it can occasionally get as low as 50% or as high as 75%.

    Bedding uses is Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate mixed with Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark and Zoo Med's New Zealand Sphagnum Moss. The substrate is about 1.5 inches deep to allow for burrowing. There is a shallow water dish that he can drink from and take a dip in if he wants. It's washed and water is replaced every other day or sooner if need be. Diet consists of primarily mealworms (occasional crickets) that are gut-loaded, and dusted. He's a good eater and eats about 10-15 mealworms every other day, but if he's giving me the side eye, he gets a treat of 5 mealsworms on his off days. He is 16 grams, or .55 oz in weight and has been around this size for the past year.

    Previous medical history, he has escaped once when my friend was watching him. He jumped and fell about 3 feet but had no injuries and was returned within 15 minutes. 6 months ago there appeared to be small white mites that were congregated around the waterbowl. The entire cage was cleaned and disinfected. New bedding was purchased, toys and perches were cleaned, waterbowl was replaced, food source was replaced, and lizards were given a bath and inspected. No issues since. Hagrid lost his tail when my fiance was trying to pick him up (we were cleaning everyone's cages that day) and he went to go under his belly but grabbed the tail and - pop! Tail has since grown back, fiance now apologizes to Hagrid everytime he sees him and says they have a tail bond lol!

    Hagrid is not regularly handled, but he does get weekly inspections. He does well with handling and doesn't bite, but he does try to squirm if held too long.

    So! Root of the issue. About a week ago (5-6 days) I noticed that Hagrid's eye appeared crusty and he seemed like it was occluding his vision. Day 2 rolled around with no improvement, so I gave him a bath (he was finishing a shed) which helped him finish his shed faster, but no change to the eye. Day three I gently rinsed his afflicted eye out with saline and attempted to gently rub the area with a q-tip. He wasn't struggling, so I'm assuming it wasn't too tender to the touch. Still no improvement. I'm wondering if there's anything I could to to help remedy this, as the vets here haven't been too comfortable with him. His current perch gets pretty close to the heat source, so I've been worried that this is partially to blame?

    Disclaimer: I am, by no means, an expert on these reptiles and simply try to do my best with their care. Any advice will be gladly taken - but please be polite! Thank you!

    TLDR : Lizard's eye appears crusted with no improvement with saline rinses or baths. What can I do?

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    Problem Reference - Taken 4/23/18 [Today]


  2. AmityReptiles

    AmityReptiles Well Established Member

    Have you noticed any behavior changes since the eye problem? Have you had a vet look at this?

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