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Emerald Encloser/shedding Probles

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by nhanptran, May 9, 2013.

  1. nhanptran

    nhanptran New Member

    HI I now have had my emerald for about 6 months now I believe she/he is about a year and half... (Ill say she because she was the largest of the liter by almost twice the size) Well since I have gotten her she has shed twice, first once was not a clean shed, more of patches she has some old spots as well but i tried my best to remove it, soaking spraying and picking at tweezers but she wont let me mess with her old shed too much...

    Just two days ago... she started shedding again, its not a clean shed again its all messy and in patches again! how do i go about helping the poor thing... she gotten most of her head and about six inches down all clear but the rest of her body is patchy..

    her enclosure has a waterfall running constantly, i fog up her enclosure at least once a day humidity stays at the 70-80 mostly... 100 when the fogger is on, temp stays at high of 78-low night temp at 70s she gets sprayed daily eats fine just ate a week ago.

    its hard to know when she sheds I cant seem to see her eyes grey up due to her eye color is grey ish so its a hit or miss, her color doesnt dull much either! but how can i help her right now... is a warm soak enough? how do i soak her.... just tubbaware? with a towel for her to rest on? how long?

    I can handle her for a short period of time she hasnt bitten me when i handle her yet she was pretty relax when i picked her out of the bunch, not as feisty.
    hers a pic of her enclosure anything wrong with it?

    nhan 1589.jpg
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I cant help much with the enclosure but for getting rid of the shed. Take a pillowcase put a warm damp towel inside it, then add the snake, tie the case shut and set it either in the cage or in another container under a heat lamp so it stays warm and leave it overnight (monitor the temps carefully so the snake doesnt freeze nor roast). The snake moving around inside a warm, humid bag with a slightly rough surface will rub all the skin off.
  3. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Don't use the pillow case trick on an ETB. if anything use the "repti shed aid" you can get from stores... why are you keeping her temps so Low???? high of 78 is asking for trouble.... she should be kept in the mid 80s at least, not to mention your low of 70??? are you cycling for breeding because it seems quite young for that. What are you using for a heat source and what are you using to measure everything? humidity shoud be kept much higher when in shed. you should even consider spraying her when in shed but not if she's in a cage with 78 degree temps.... I keep my cages very humid without a fogger or misting system. I would say shoot for a humidity around 100 when your day starts and it can go down by the end of the day cycle. Mine will drop to 70 or less by the end at times. When in shed I wont let it come below 90 and I spray my animals every day at that point. Unlike other snakes that can shed well at 70, these guys need really high humidity to shed perfectly... Some even will still break the shed up a bit. Feel free to PM or ask any further question on this issue. Good luck!
  4. atone2308

    atone2308 Well-Known Member

    ok you have the same prob. that i was haveing. JoeyG is great! what you need to do NEVER LET THE HUMIDITY drop below 80% and all the prob will go away! TRUST ME! i went threw the same thing you are just about 3 months ago. turns out she had a RI and i drop the humid to low at night, i drop mine to 75% back then, spoke to JoeyG and now since then i havve a daytime humid at a regular 88% and nighttime of 84%. i use a fogger with the $90 control to keep the humid to what i want and the heat, it cuts fogger off and lights on and off. Since then my baby girl has had 2 full sheds i still have the skins she wants toeat like once every 2days, but i still make her wait every 8-11days and she id doing great!so when you have the humid right and the head there will be no more shed prob. JoeyG got my temps humid right, its here in this forum and no more problems. hope this helped ya:)

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