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Elementary School Display Cases

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Colleen, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    I'm looking at putting up the display the first of April.
  2. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    Bbbback fffffrom fffffreezing Wisconsin.

    I'll send the postcard as soon as my hhhhhands warm up enough to mail it. ;-)
  3. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    The cards from Portugal arrived yesterday, thanks JMM!
  4. JMM

    JMM Elite Member

    Hope you like them and they´re useful.
  5. kelly

    kelly hi!

    My daughter did this project in school too. It was really fun, they called it 100 postcards in 100 days and the different class rooms had a contest to see how many postcards they could get and from where. My dd alone got 50 postcards from 17 different states and I think one from Norway, that my nephew sent when he was there with the Navy.

    So if you need more from PA just PM me and let me know. I actually have some on hand that I can send right out to you.
  6. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Thanks Kathy but I have one from PA all ready. Kansas was in todays mail, well the post card not the state. LOL
  7. angelboa

    angelboa Elite Member

    I live in WA if you need one still let me know I can got you one
  8. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Just recieved the ones from Australia and one from Washington State.

  9. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    Did the WA state one have a name on it? If it came from one of my friends I need to know who to thank!
  10. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Lacey, it came from Sabrina and she said you where one of her friends. So please thank her for me.
  11. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    I must get those postcards, I havent been back to ohio so i dont know if can get it.
  12. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    Will do! I've been trying to lure her over to HC but she doesnt spend alot of time online.

    So how many cards do you have now?
  13. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten I asked her about that! I believe I still have a MD postcard around here for you then, because I was planning on sending it out in an envelope with Sabrina's, since I was expecting them to come here first. Nobody told me she had your address :p Sabrina may also have more on the way, I'm not sure, and another friend may be sending one from Idaho :)
  14. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    Your Idaho postcard is on it's way from Sandy.
  15. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    Both Sabrina and Sandy decided to cut out the middle man, with Colleen's permission I gave them her address directly.
  16. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    I'll give a complete update later today after work.
  17. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    You've got a Maryland card coming from me now too :)
  18. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    oh my! i clean forgot about the postcard thing...:( i feel really bad. been so busy...but no excuse! is it to late? will get one sent from south africa and colorado if there is still time. so sorry! this thread title just made that reminder alarm go off in my head
  19. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Still time if you hurry, the State display will go up the first full week of April and the County display in May.

    Thanks again, Lacey you will have you list today, I collected a few from work and forgot to bring them home.
  20. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    I'm really looking forward to pictures of the displays!
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