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Egyptian False Cobra

Discussion in 'Colubrids *General*' started by AshleyC, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. AshleyC

    AshleyC New Member

    I bought an Egyptian false cobra about a month ago at a reptile expo. He seems healthy and is easy to handle. I have a heating light on his cage to keep it about 90 on the hot side.

    However, I can't convince him to eat. I've tried frozen mice and live mice--he acts scared of the live ones and shows no interest in the thawed ones.

    Any tips or tricks to get this guy to eat?

    I'm not overly concerned yet, but I seem to have a picky eater on my hands here and would love to hear any tried and true methods you all might have.


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  2. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Is it wild caught? I'm assuming the snake is so my suggestion would be to buy some frozen feeder geckos or anoles to offer those in addition to mice as they'll eat lizards in the wild.
  3. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    Anoles are usually the best bet if you can find someone who collects and sells them for feeders. Offer a live one to start, and if it's gone the next day just freeze any remaining live ones. Much easier than maintaining them IME, and the snakes don't seem to care whether they're alive or not. You can also try scenting the f/t mouse with water from a can of tuna. No idea why that works, but in some cases it does.
  4. AshleyC

    AshleyC New Member

    Okay, thanks!

    I'm not 100% sure if he's wild caught or not. After I bought him, someone else said they found a tick on a python they bought from the same vendor so if I had to guess I would guess that he is wild caught.

    I'll post an update when I find something that works.

    Thank you!

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