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Eek! Another Scare!

Discussion in 'Tokay Geckos' started by pandorasbox, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. pandorasbox

    pandorasbox Elite Member

    I had my first escape of the gecko variety overnight...

    I had one of my heat bulbs for a tokay go out a few days ago before I had the chance to order a backup. Since the new box of bulbs won't be here until tomorrow, I put a heat pad between the two tokay enclosures and have been swapping the heat lamp back and forth between the two.

    This afternoon, I had ran home from work for a minute (I live right next door), I forget why, but then I thought oh hey I should switch the heat lamp. I moved the lamp from the female to the male and I noticed that his bowl was still full from last night, which is unusual. And then I realized that he wasn't in there. And that the little door on the lid was unlatched. Freaked out a little bit. First I did a quick walkthrough of my townhouse, checked my ceiling-high mostly-live palm tree, all the ceilings and upper walls, curtains. Checked the roach bins. Then grabbed a flashlight and went to begin a more thorough search. My tokays are kept on the first floor right by the stairs, in fact the banister goes right against the back of the tokay enclosures. Luckily I decided I would start from the top down and went into the cat's bedroom, which is at the top of the stairs, checked behind the door, and he was eye level between the door frame and the corner where the walls meet. My 2 cats, ages 1 and a half and 2 and a half, were completely oblivious to the whole situation, luckily. Of course, this is the tokay that hates my guts. I put on my gloves and grabbed a critter keeper and a cereal box, shut the cats out of the room, and managed to corral him within a minute or two, and the whole ordeal only took 10 or 15 minutes, luckily. That is one good thing about tokays - they would rather be on the wall or up high than hide like most reptiles. I might be selling the pair next weekend. I think I will miss the female because she is pretty tame, but the male pretty much savagely hates me.
  2. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Haha! I love Tokays! My smaller girl got out once, I didn't close the lid right. Thankfully she was on the back of the aquarium so it was a quick catch :)
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    That had to have been a barrel of fun and excitement.
  4. pandorasbox

    pandorasbox Elite Member

    Sold my two tokays today... I'll miss the female but I think they will like their new home. And it frees me up for more time to spend with the rest of them. I was going to try to breed them but I just don't have the time and space really, and the guy I sold him to I think will have more success. The freshly wild caught tokays make me so sad, so I think it would be good to breed them for the species as a whole.
  5. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    That would be nice to get someone to captive breed them. I have only seen one at the petshop here, my little girl. 2 other petshops refuse to get them in. Drako my bigger one was free from online classifides.
  6. pandorasbox

    pandorasbox Elite Member

    I saw a cage of obviously WC tokays last summer and the image is still trapped in my head. It was at a little reptile expo, and there were probably a few dozen of them in one cage and they were all the dark stressed sick color, small and thin, most of them with dropped tails.
    I saw the label on a cage for tokays at a local petshop a while back, but I couldn't find it inside... so it was either hiding or gone.

    My female I got from a CL ad along with another female that I traded last summer. She was the weaker of the two, the other one was obviously dominating her. I separated her pretty much immediately and she really thrived since then. (I think I paid $65 for the two of them with a 20 tall). The male I got for free from a younger guy that lives near me who has "animal ADD", but means well... although I think he's settled down a bit now. I don't think he fed them enough and the male tokay grew soooo fast, doubled his weight in a month and a half. Luckily I will still get updates on them though.
  7. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    At least it sounds like you sold them to a decent person who knows how to care for them. And they'll keep you updated. :)

    I would love to get a Tokay, but as mentioned, I've only ever seen them in pet stores, and they're a bit older. I would really like to get a hatchling-juvenile Tokay from at least an experienced keeper instead, and that way I'd have a chance to possibly tame it (plus wouldn't have to support pet stores in that regard).
  8. pandorasbox

    pandorasbox Elite Member

    Yeah, I know he'll take good care of them. Looking forward to seeing how his breeding project goes. Hatchlings are so cute! The female is actually tame, she'll even let me help her when there is stuck shed on a few of her toes.

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