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Eating Too Much?

Discussion in 'African Fat-tailed Geckos' started by AmandaH, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. AmandaH

    AmandaH Active Member

    So my gecko hadn't eaten for 2 weeks, and suddenly she's ravenous. She had 14 crickets 2 days ago and would have eaten more but I stopped feeding her. And then today she ate 10 more, and again she only stopped because I wouldn't give her more. Is she eating too much?should I limit her? Or should I just keep feeding her until she's not hungry anymore?
  2. shwknight

    shwknight Elite Member

    The general rule of thumb is to feed as much as they will eat in about 10-15 minutes. Usually they will get full and stop eating after a few minutes but if she is still wanting to eat let her.
  3. AmandaH

    AmandaH Active Member

    Ok thanks. If she still seems hungry after 15 minutes, which is probable, should I worry? It seems like she shouldn't be able to eat 20 crickets in a sitting, her stomach seems so tiny!
  4. Dragonscalestudios

    Dragonscalestudios Elite Member

    I thought the same thing about my bearded dragon. How could he possibly fit 15 crickets in his tiny little stomach?!? When in doubt, follow the general rule of 15 mins.
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