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Eastern Water Dragon - Simple Home Enclosure Build

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by aaronnco, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. aaronnco

    aaronnco Member

    Hi all,

    Its been a while a since I last logged in. Last time I posted anything here I had a 60x60x45cm Exoterra cage housing two juvenile water dragons. Since then I have completed a build 120x60x60cm giving my water dragons a much better life and an overall satisfaction of building something to support life.

    Here are my pictures. All built by myself from scratch. The pictures start after I have constructed the frame and when I am painting the enclosure. let me know if you want more info, happy to help share the design plans.

    20150205_193018[1].jpg Old Exoterra. Tiny and smelly.
    20150205_185252[1].jpg Water dragon pair in old exoterra
    20150312_141058[1].jpg Frame built out of treated wood. Painting starts
    20150312_173106[1].jpg Measuring up rail track beam
    20150312_173138[1].jpg Added snakeskin look
    20150312_173443[1].jpg Cut and measured aluminum rail tracks
    20150312_190227[1].jpg Installed sliding perspex doors
    20150312_190657[1].jpg Next steps mesh lid
    20150321_222422[1].jpg All sides sealed. Opening top mesh doors. Sealing of leaky areas
    20150401_194707[1].jpg Dragons moved in. Beginning of rockwall design
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  2. aaronnco

    aaronnco Member

    20150401_212901[1].jpg Front view
    20150401_212717[1].jpg side view
    20150402_174125[1].jpg overall view
    20150402_174136[1].jpg side view

    Next steps are to complete the rockwall design. That is the most tricky part of the build. Will keep everyone updated :)

    thanks for viewing
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