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Dumeril's or Hog Island?

Discussion in 'Boas' started by OneLoveMarley, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. OneLoveMarley

    OneLoveMarley New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I have received overwhelming replies from all the reptile forums I use that I should either get a Dumeril's or a Hog Island. All the care sheets I have been finding seem to be contradictory. I just really need basic information on both of them! If anyone can help by answering the following questions for one or both of the snakes so I can compare them, that would be appreciated!
    1. How big do males grow on average?
    2. Temperament? Can I trust the snake with my smaller siblings?
    3. Enclosure size??
    4. Any special lighting requirements?
    5. Average prices?
  2. CTU2fan

    CTU2fan Elite Member

    1 - Both Dumeril's and Hogs tend to max out around 6-7 feet. A male will be a bit smaller but not to the point where you could bank on it, basically yes males tend to be a bit smaller but you could get a male Hog that's over 6' and you could get a 7' Dumerils. Hogs always had a reputation for being small island locale boas but I've seen some decent sized ones, whether that's just due to aggressive feeding on the part of their owners or maybe them not being "pure" Hog is anyone's guess. If you want a smaller BCI locale you might have better luck with a Nicaraguan or other Central American locale, but they won't look like a Hog Isle.

    2 - Both of these boas are pretty calm snakes. I haven't kept Dumerils, but I've never heard of anyone being bitten by the ones they kept, other than maybe a feeding oops bite. Hogs have the same reputation. Obviously no animal is 100% trustworthy (any snake can have an "off day") but if you want calm and handleable either is a good choice.

    3 - I'd probably shoot for a 4x2 enclosure for either of these guys. Hypothetically you could get an adult Hog around 5' and it would be perfectly at home in a 3x2 enclosure, but both of these are kind of thick snakes and I'd want to give them the extra 1' to stretch. Height isn't such a big deal with these guys so height is really up to you. 1' tall is fine, but if you want to give them 18" and add a secure climbing log or basking shelf they'd probably use it.

    4 - Lighting isn't an issue. Currently my boa has a heat mat and a basking light but that's in his temp home, when he moves into his forever home in a couple of weeks he'll have a heat panel and a basic (non-UVB) fluorescent fixture so I can see him. As long as they have proper heating then any lighting you provide will mostly be so you can view the snake.

    5 - Depends on where you buy and size usually. I've seen both for sale online between $150-200, but I've never seen one in a pet shop locally; I'd assume closer to $250 if you're buying local. Maybe less at a show. I saw a Dumerils on craigslist a month or so ago for $100, so if you're cool going that route you might get lucky.

    Personally, I'd get a Dumerils. But I already have a BCI, and I'd be more interested in a different species.
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The problem is the cookie cutter approach. While you can make assumptions based on generalizations, you will always have the quirky individual who never read the description.
    I was talking at an expo to a Dumerils breeder who was explaining to me that he had several of them that would just as soon eat his face as look at him. You never really know.
    As for Hogg's, there has been a lot of cross breeding them with commons, which will result in larger snakes. It's always a gamble.

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