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Dumerils Boa Has Not Eaten Since Taken in (3 Weeks Now)

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by DustinQ, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. DustinQ

    DustinQ Elite Member

    Adult Male Dumerils Boa just under 6ft
    won't eat, stays in hide 85% of the time
    I've read they take more time to adjust and are easily stressed so I've been leaving him alone other than offering food every 4 days and fresh water daily. Has not deficated since 1st week. I Have tried various size prey items both frozen-thawed and live, he showed intrest in them and hovered over them every time but never struck or even pulled back to strike.
    I should note that his enclosure had been lower than ideal temps the first week. His enclosure now has ambient temp of 75 day-time and 70 to 73 night. Hot side, basking spots are 82-90 depending on height measured. Humidity varies greatly, I've recorded 35-60%. His enclose is above the alligator enclosure so I've attributed the wide-range of humidity to that. ??? I Have been reading that aspen shaving are better for them but didn't want to stress him by changing enviornment now. He currently has a blend of peat/sphagnum moss, zoo-med jungle mix, reptile bark and top-soil.

    First boa, pretty familuar with pythons but I realize they are not quite the same. Any helpful info would be appreciated. Have not been in to the vet for a check-up with him yet. Had hoped to have him comfortable and fed first. How long before I should be concerned that he has not eaten yet?
  2. annaj328

    annaj328 Elite Member

    3 weeks is really no big deal for a snake that size. i dont know much about dumerils in specific but if it were me id stop offering food for a full week, maybe even 2. sometimes offering too often can cause a snake not to eat, i have no idea why but its been true with my ball python. good luck, i hope some one with more specific knowledge will come along and help out.
  3. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    Dumerils are notorious for going off food in the winter. I have heard of them not eating for up to 5 months. As long as he is not losing weight, I wouldn't worry. If you want you could try offering food every 2-3 weeks and see if he is ready to eat, but I would wait at least 2 weeks from the last time you offered food.
  4. DustinQ

    DustinQ Elite Member

    ok thanks guys. Any suggestions about substrate is what I have ok or should I put aspen shavings in?

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