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Dumeriliis Monitors

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by gbassett, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. gbassett

    gbassett Elite Member

    Got a new phone,and it has a great phone on it so I snapped a few pics








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  2. Infernalis

    Infernalis Elite Member

    Brilliant looking monitor.

    Don't you just love that drainage pipe, that stuff is great.

    Quick question, did you fill it up a bit so your monitor had to do some digging to get a nice tight fit?

    Reason I ask, Is I buried 2 pieces of that same exact pipe in my monitor enclosure, and I just want to compare notes, Thanks...
  3. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Nice monitor! I love the drain pipe idea!! You wont have to worry about a tunnel cave in.
  4. Jobiensis

    Jobiensis Elite Member

    Looking great mate.
    They may be cute with the orange heads when young but this stage with these colours are awesome.

    Jay :D
  5. bradyloach

    bradyloach Elite Member

    I love monitors :)
  6. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi Greg, the new ones are looking better, still a little way to go before their body condition`s really good, but they`re on the way. The snout rub looks to be healed now too, the area just needs to darken and you`ll hardly know anything was wrong. Well done!
  7. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    They look great! :)
  8. gbassett

    gbassett Elite Member

    Thank-you everyone. I really enjoy working with these guys, and hopefully this will be my year. I use the black drainage pipe for a few reasons,one is I can bury it in the substrait,and create a humid hid as well as a place the can warm up with out Havering to be. Exposed. Now I like the black because it absorbs heat,and again provides a safe place so the animal can get to the proper body temperature.Hope this helps

    Greg have anew phone and I'm trying type outnumber response with it so please bare with me
  9. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    Looking great Greg! Hopefully you get plenty of luck! For this year and many more!
    What are you going to set them up in? and how when full grown?
  10. gbassett

    gbassett Elite Member

    I don't have the blue tail anymore.So I have two empty cages.I all so plan on mixing and matching,try to get the best pair.

  11. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    How much susbtrate are you going to offer and what kind of mix?
  12. gbassett

    gbassett Elite Member

    The same I'm useing now.I use about 60% playsand and 40% dirt I find in the woods by my house.

  13. BoDiddleyitis

    BoDiddleyitis Well-Known Member

    Do they like mud?
  14. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi Daniel, I know they frequent mangrove swamps, so must come into contact with mud on a regular basis, and Greg`s certainly seem to "enjoy" being in it in his enclosure, from what I`ve seen of his videos and pics!
  15. gbassett

    gbassett Elite Member

    Do they like mud?That is an understatement.I have two large bins of mud and dozens of pictures of them useing them.My sums spend a good amount of time underground or in there mud boxes.

  16. BoDiddleyitis

    BoDiddleyitis Well-Known Member

    I had seen any of that thanks!
  17. gbassett

    gbassett Elite Member

    I believe you have seen some of the pictures,but I could be wrong.I'm a member and we have talked a few times in the past.I'm the Guy who got the old ugly female black roughneck a few years ago.We all so have a lot of the same friends.David(crocdoc)Justin(Kristy)Sam Sweet Ben Allerand Michael Cota.


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