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Dull Scale Patches Disorder?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by Jaeger1rainbow1boa, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. So I too my CRB to the vet for wrinkly scale patches,white mites and a starting shed cycle (just shed a weeks ago) the vet said that the scale patches are common for rainbow boas and sometimes the spread and get very large and that many other brb/crb have this it doesnt affect them and he has no advice or cause for it... said the white bugs are wood mites not a big deal .. and nothing really about the back to back other than not certain the snake is in shed (pink belly and milky color) said the snake looks grate and sent me on my way .......? Befor I baught my CRB I research different types care etc. When I first noticed two small patches I research what could be wrong and I saw nothing about some kind of chronic scale issue has anyone heard of this maybe have advice should I get a second opinion ....
    1 month
    32L×16w+20t wood
    Eco earth/moss mix
    day and night (red basking) 25w 20 in away
    80 basking / 74 cold side
    90 in hide 60-70 general
    Digital probes forgot brands
    Live and frozen large hopper mice

    The pic of his enclosure is upside down ??

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