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Dubia Roach Colony Questions

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by Colorblind, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Colorblind

    Colorblind New Member

    I started a dubia roach colony about 3 or 4 months ago, and I had started with 250 medium dubia roaches. Most of them have now molted into adults, and I'm assuming in another couple months I'll have a bunch of babies running around :)

    I did notice that there seem to be a lot more males than females though, and this kind of worries me since I know there should be 1 male for every 3 to 5 females.

    So will this cause any problems in my colony? Like will the males fight for mates or something? Cause I've also started to notice that a few of my males have also started having little nips in their wings, and I read that it could be caused by the colony being malnourished, but I'm not so sure. I've been feeding them a high protein dry dog food, ground up. They also get fresh fruits/veggies every one to two days, along with a couple spoonfuls of water crystals. Up until this week, the other males seemed just fine, their wings intact.

    I'm also wondering how much male dubia will sell for. I was thinking of selling a bunch of them on ebay to reduce the numbers, but I'm not sure how much only male dubia roaches will go for. As stated before, they were all mediums when I bought them, so they're all fairly young adults.

    I started with a lot more than I should have [I only have 3 leopard geckos to feed; they probably go through 200ish dubia a month] so I'm also not sure how big my colony should be.

    Should I just try and sell male and female dubia as a breeder bundle type of thing? Or do you think I should just sell off the males that I don't need?

    I'm not looking to make money, I just don't want to get too overrun with roaches. My parents are skeptical of it enough as it is haha.
  2. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    If there are too many males they will start eating babies from other males, well that's what I heard anyway lol, so I would try to get rid of some of the males. I've seen the males for sale at around $0.50 to a $1 each around here. But it depends on where you are at.
    I can understand the whole parents not approving thing lol if you start realizing you have too many to handle, selling them is a good idea. The females always go for alittle more than the males. You could always look online at prices around you and go from there.
    I just started mine almost a month ago so I'm always jealous of people with too many :p
  3. AdamL8

    AdamL8 Elite Member

    Males do not eat babies but they will chew on wings of fresh molts regardless of how well fed they are. That won't affect their breeding, only aesthetics. Since you only need around 1:5ish those extra males are just eating your food and water crystals taking up space so if you don't have something to feed them to you can certainly get rid of them. Males do not sell for very much at all but you might be able to find somebody who wants them for feeders.
  4. Colorblind

    Colorblind New Member

    Okay, thank you guys so much for all the helpful information!

    I've decided to just sell off a bunch of the males [for now, I might sell females later] and am now faced with another predicament.

    How do I ship them?

    I've ordered them from others before, and typically it was a small box inside of a larger one. The smaller box had an egg crate in it, as well as a bit of food [sometimes]. So should I just do that? And cushion the smaller box with newspaper? What are the acceptable temperatures I'd be able to ship them in? Do I just label the box as Fragile Live Animals?
  5. Colorblind

    Colorblind New Member

    Oh, and what do you think the estimated cost of shipping and packaging would be? I have never shipped a package before, much less dubia roaches haha. I want to be sure that the price I'm selling the dubia for will cover the cost of shipping and packaging. I don't really need much profit, I just want to be sure that my colony will remain manageable and thrive.
  6. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Check with your local post office on the shipping cost of the box size you need.
    Also check that you can ship them through the mail. If not, you won't want to label them as roaches but crickets instead.

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