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Discussion in 'Substrates/Bedding/Flooring' started by northcountry, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. northcountry

    northcountry Elite Member

    I need to know how to make a proper drainage system for one of my frog tanks. Currently i have a layer of pebble rock on the bottom with a layer of potting soil on top. The soil drys fine but the rocks underneath stay wet and i dont want mold to set in
  2. scalesntails

    scalesntails Member

    The rocks wont mold. They are supossed to be wet, my exo terra has a 3 inch layer for hydro balls and its filled with water, about a 1/4 inch from the soil and the screen will keep the soil off the rocks. I used hyro balls but you can use pebbles to like you did. Its meant to be full of water so when it gets dry more water evaporates from the bottom and through the soil also used for live plants. It will only mold if they are wet and not sitting in the water i would just pour water right up to the soil pebble line. You should be good.
  3. northcountry

    northcountry Elite Member

    Right now i dont have screen between the two. I may have to put one in
  4. scalesntails

    scalesntails Member

    The screen is just there to seperate the dirt and the rocks, if you didnt have the screen alot of the dirt will fall into the cracks where the water sits and itll pretty much make them useless. As long as the rocks are in water and the soil isnt sopping wet then you shouldnt get mold.
  5. northcountry

    northcountry Elite Member

    The soil stays pretty soggy because of no outside heat source, so i will try the netting.

    I also have a crested gecko in the same type of setup.
  6. scalesntails

    scalesntails Member

    Yah i would just add the screen, it could even be window screen. I keep all my baby cresteds in my vivarium setup pretty much the same way.

    I perfer live plants and moss over fake plants. I keep all my adult cresteds in tanks setup the same way to but i dont use alot of live plants since they destroy them all lol

    Try putting a small heat pad on the bottom to. You dont have to but it creates more humidity and what not.

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