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Dont Know What to Say

Discussion in 'Cage Furniture - Accessories' started by sooperdave, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. sooperdave

    sooperdave Elite Member

    So my filters are certainly filthy. Probably clogged too. I want to take out all the coco husk and that's gonna be a big job. I want to use the big rocks that I have in there but I would also like some kind of soft bedding for him to sleep on because he doesn't always sleep on his hammock. Any suggestions? Maybe some reptile carpet?
  2. SurvivorSteph

    SurvivorSteph Subscribed User Premium Member

    I think the carpet will get wet and mold. It seems like you're spinning your wheels here; I think you ought to do a TON of research before moving on.
  3. zaroba

    zaroba Elite Member

    Orange water is due to tannins in the organic matter; a filter will help with that.

    As for the filter clogging easily, use a bigger one (like an external filter or a pond filter).

    You can use a rubbermade container without manually changing the water; you just need to install a filter on it. You could drill it and install bulkheads for the filter pipes. Keeping the water clean means it won't need to be changed daily.

    As for the leaking plexi, besides the bowing causing excess stress on the joints, there's also the fact that silicon doesn't bond strongly to plexi. Even without the bending, it would eventually start leaking.
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